Stop expecting XY to save you.

I am beyond begging any male for anything.

I stopped having PIV with my husband because I was afraid of pregnancy, and he eventually left me for it. That’s his choice. There were other reasons, too, but this was the main one.

I live in a state where I would have had to travel, have hotel accommodations, and that’s if I would have found out that I was pregnant within the male legally defined guidelines.


Why are we going along with this?

Why are we fighting about what patriarchal politician to vote for? To save us?

Women in the states have NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. We asked for the ERA and males plainly said NO.

Patriarchal government is called patriarchy because it benefits and centers MALES, largely at the expense of women and girls.

Why do we entertain male delusions? As if they have a say over our individual bodies?

Why are we allowing them that power?

I will never lower myself to beg a dick dragger for fuck all. No woman should have to do that.

Why do so many of us assign good intentions to males when there obviously are none present?

In trying to reason with males, we have doomed ourselves.

What’s worse is that we have doomed our daughters.


3 thoughts on “Stop expecting XY to save you.

  1. “This very discussion upholds male supremacy, which is why I refuse to have it.”
    Exactly always got iffy when it came up, why would I justify or explain my basic human rights. They really do love yanking the lease. How many women would actually have the guts to say no more piv to their bf/hubbies bc no abortion? (No anal either, bc we know mwn will see it as a clever work around and pressure women to get ass cancer and colonoscapy bags).
    They need more children to fuck and fuck over. They already have totally brainwashed kids, I could see them trying to pull a whole “reset” and rewrite history by taking kids away and raising them in any way they want.

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  2. All this fucking bullshit about how males want so DESPERATELY to PROTECT or “right to choose”. It’s pathetically hilarious.

    Like, I am not interested in males protecting me, in any way, shape or form.

    It’s not even interesting theater. It’s pathetically transparent. Males have made their choice, and their every action just reinforces their shitty worldview that we are public property, that we exist as they allow us to, that XY are the owners and we are the slaves.

    This very discussion upholds male supremacy, which is why I refuse to have it. I will endlessly try to convince women to act as a class, but I don’t discuss my body, either with individual males or their fucking sad and sick government. My body is not property of the state, and I refuse to act as if it is.

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