Consequences for XY.

How about if a woman dies in childbirth, the ejaculator is executed for murder?

How about if a person or a couple hires a surrogate to incubate and birth “their” baby, they are executed for murder if the surrogate dies in childbirth?

How about if we start prosecuting rapists who impregnate a woman for attempted murder? And execute him for murdering her if she dies in childbirth or pregnancy?

Childbirth and pregnancy only kills women and girls. It’s time that males face the same consequences that we do.

Come on, boys, don’t be cowards. Get some skin in the game.


4 thoughts on “Consequences for XY.

  1. Unfortunately this will stay a dream. My dream is a virus (the next one) wich will only infect men. It can cause impotence, and for men who treat women like shit, it is absolute deadly. This would bring a change, and quickly too.

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