What happens next?

I was cruising around bored panda today when I saw this, and WOW, the dilemma that is being created with this brand new information that males are finding all by themselves…

So what happens, now?

Males have made a connection between male violence and how troon porn dehumanizes and objectifies troons, so much so that maybe a dozen troons will be killed by non-troon males, maybe even this year.

Because of the effects of porn.

This is the absolute most boring, most parasitic, most obviously ignorant and lazy way for males to skin walk us. Do these nasty dick draggers think that they are onto some incredibly new analysis?

I can’t stop laughing. I am beginning to think that women have actually created everything, and XYs have just systemically erased all of us and replaced us with themselves, in each and every case, lol. Males seem to be getting even more stupid, and that’s nearly impossible, the bar is so low, lol.


One thought on “What happens next?

  1. If you needed any more proof that transwomen are men this is it. When they start getting murdered for similar reasons to why women are murdered it’s suddenly front page news.

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