Odysee video number 3, link here…

A link to the latest Odysee video, this one is about transsexuals.

I am going to continue to post links here to any Odysee videos, mostly because some want to comment and have some issues with the Odysee platform/app. The link usually opens in the desktop version, even if the app is installed.

Anyone can watch Odysee, but it’s like YouTube, in that if you want to comment or subscribe or whatever, you must have an Odysee account.

So feel free to comment here, if you like.


3 thoughts on “Odysee video number 3, link here…

  1. I am also going to separate my personal videos from the woman centered ones.

    I don’t know what that will look like. I am looking for a way to unsync my YouTube from my Odysee, I can’t find it, right now, lol.

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