ANTI RAPE Feminists are responsible for mass incarceration of black males. (on restorative justice)

Over on Unherd, Julie Bindel has written a piece called “New York is Betraying Rape Victims“, focusing on the pro-rape concept of “restorative justice”…

Restorative justice (RJ) is described as an alternative to prison; it is a non-punitive response to criminal behaviour. The idea is to bring together the person who inflicted the harm (the “responsible person”, in RJ terminology) and the victim, often in the presence of community representatives. The perpetrator is supposed to accept responsibility for the harm inflicted and reach an agreement with the victim about how to make amends.

Link above, J. Bindel, Unherd

In an effort to protect the male right to rape women and girls, pro-rape males have created this “non-punitive response” which amounts to the rapist confronting the woman or girl that he has violently raped in front of “community representatives”, in order to further traumatize her.

“Every liberal in the state” was “excited” about this idea of correcting male sexual terrorism by coercing the woman or girl that he raped into a nice, neat little public meeting, wherein he could smirk at his rape victim while walking away free from consequence.

Bindel speaks to a young, white, male lawyer who is SUPER EXCITED about this new way to terrorize rape victims…

I spoke to one proponent of RJ, who asked not to be named “in case I am seen as colluding with carceral white women”. White himself, he is a newly trained lawyer in Washington DC, specialising in “replacing the racist system with a true healing process for both parties”.

ProRape XY, Link above

He wants to replace “the racist system” that, in theory, sends rapists to prison?

When did it become racist to want justice for rape victims by seeing the rapist punished?

Do “both parties” need “healing”?

Why is a woman who has been sexually terrorized by a rapist male responsible for his “healing”?

“Anti-rape feminists are probably responsible for more black men being incarcerated than anyone else in modern-day America”, he says. “Locking up African Americans is a product of slavery.”

White ProRape XY, link above

Anti Rape feminists?

As opposed to pro rape feminists?

He just showed himself as being ProRape. If there is an AntiRape stance, there must be a ProRape stance, as well.

And we all know who loves rape and wants to protect the male right to rape. And it ain’t feminists.

Did little white dudebro forget that all parts of the legal system, including prisons, were created by white XY while they owned ALL of the women and girls and black males???

Everyone who was not a white male was property when governments in the USA were created. So if incarceration is a product of slavery, is he just forgetting that slavery was CREATED AND ENACTED BY ONLY WHITE MALES SOLELY FOR THEIR OWN BENEFIT?

But black males being incarcerated is somehow the fault of white women. According to white XY.

Is anyone surprised.

Prisons exists to hold males that are a danger to others. Males love their right to rape, males absolutely do not care that rape is violently dangerous to women and girls.

This is why rapists rarely get any punishment, at all.

Sarah, whose name I’ve changed, runs a support service for victims of male violence in NYC and is “appalled” that RJ is becoming a substitute for criminal justice sanctions. “What we are seeing is what we have seen forever”, she tells me, “which is the under-policing and under-protection for women, including women of colour. But some BLM activists are claiming that feminists calling for CJS sanctions for rape and domestic abuse is flat-out racist, because black men are overrepresented in the prison population.” As a result, she told me that “black and brown women, indigenous women … are the ones who are bearing the consequences of us not holding men accountable for their violence. They are the ones who are being murdered and raped and their abusers are walking free.”

Unherd, link above

Women calling for justice, for rapists to be put into prison, so that they cannot enact sexual terrorism onto women and girls, is somehow racist.

Why do we allow males to decide anything, at all, when they are this manipulative?

This is the male defense of rape. That attempting to issue appropriate consequences to male sexual terrorists is RACIST.

According to the ideals of RJ, after a crime is committed the offender and the victim should meet face-to-face. The victim is not to blame or judge the perpetrator, but rather describe the impact of the offence, in order to “heal” and become “empowered”. RJ sees victim and perpetrator as equal, both in need of support and understanding.

Unherd, link above

The rapist and the woman or girl he raped are equal???

And the woman or girl that the male raped is not allowed to blame or judge the rapist???


The outcomes may include an apology or financial compensation. Some participants, including the victim, sign a confidentiality agreement.

Same link above

So the raped woman or girl can’t talk about her empowering healing with the rapist.

RJ is considered a suitable remedy for domestic violence, childhood sexual abuse and sex trafficking, among other violent crimes predominantly committed by men.

Same link above

Of course it is considered “suitable” by patriarchal systems. This bullshit is a massive benefit to rapists, whom are all MALE.

And victims of this kind of abuse may feel coerced by RJ practices, which are conducted, as Sarah said, “without any understanding of the dynamics of power and control, the impact of a trauma-coerced bond, and also the amount of time and commitment that it actually takes to elicit genuine behaviour change in abusers”.

Same link above

This is where I respectfully disagree with Sarah. It’s obvious to me that these males know exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it.

These males are purposely and maliciously retraumatizing the women and girls that their brothers rape. This allows them to rape us with even further impunity, we already don’t report male sexual terrorism because the rapists own and run the system that refuses to punish them.

And now, not only will rapists continue to escape any consequences, at all, we will now have to sit with them, pretend as if the rapist and the woman or girl is in equal standing in the violent crime committed against her by a male, be prevented from talking about whatever happens, and be forced to participate in his “healing”, whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean?

Diane, a black woman who was raped by a godly, church going rapist, was asked to participate in a restorative justice bullshit thing, and she declined…

“I was contacted by the local service that runs these things,” says Diane. “They told me it was important that we reach an agreement and rebuild trust. I was told nothing could be gained from taking him on a route where he could end up in jail. It felt like I had no choice.”

Same link above

Why does she need to “reach an agreement and rebuild trust” with the rapist who violently terrorized her?

Nothing could be gained by putting a rapist in jail? Where he would be unable to rape any more women or girls???

But having read up on RJ, Diane decided not to participate in it. “I was judged and blamed by the service”, says Diane, “as though I should have accepted the scraps from the table and have him say ‘sorry’ or whatever. He got away with what he did to me, and a man like that pretending to regret what he did would just be lies.”

Same link above

It’s astounding, how much males love raping women and girls.

One report, published in 2016, is often used to justify replacing criminal sanctions with RJ. It is entitled “Restorative Practices in cases of Intimate Partner Violence, Sexual Assault and Dating Violence: A Roundtable Discussion”. While it claims that RJ focuses on victims of violence and their needs, the report also ironically reveals who is actually centred in the process. One attendee is quoted as saying about perpetrators of male violence: “Do we actually blame them as a perpetrator when they were violated at a young age?”

Same link above

Yes, I do blame rapists for choosing to rape.

I don’t empathize with rapists.

This male bullshit has got to be ended. Males have protected their right to rape us for millenia. They will never change.


9 thoughts on “ANTI RAPE Feminists are responsible for mass incarceration of black males. (on restorative justice)

  1. We did have a restorative justice project in my county in Maine, but it did not touch violent crime. It was for property crimes only and involved restitution.

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  2. So, not a thing is materially changing since the brown shirted fascist dogs don’t investigate, let alone charge rapists to begin with. They exist ONLY to serve the interests of the ruling class and were never for and never will be for intra-class crime. They exist to preserve inter class crime—aka—-keeping the great unwashed masses from disrupting their own slavery and private property of the rulers. That’s where all the woke moronic idiocy comes from—another layer of state terrorism against the majority of the population who are straight and white. If even white people formed a revolutionary force, it would be enough to eliminate the ruling class, never mind if everyone joined together in that endeavor. So, blacks don’t materially benefit from wokeism, it just appears that their privilege in the criminal system will make them somehow “benefit” by throwing around liberal bullshit like this. Most of the black males in the system are POOR, same with the men and women of every race. Gang criminality is just a small version of our ruling class accepted imperialist wars and colonization—it’s just that this version colonizes the next corner to impose it’s black market capitalism (the criminalized variety) rather than entire countries and continents in LEGALIZED (I love that magic word) war and global murder/rape/maiming and plundering.

    I especially get a kick out of the “carceral feminism” some stupid liberal twats put forward. Like everyone else doesn’t call the cops expecting them to do something about crime when that’s not their purpose? (Well, I don’t but that’s because I know what they are…. so an exceptional case, lol) They wouldn’t want to be in the same room with me bc one of us would leave crying and I wouldn’t have to raise a finger. This is to control the majority population. The female half. White and straight. Because in people’s little pea brains, majorities aren’t oppressed– that only happens to “minorities” in the IDPOL propaganda. In fact we are all the majority together and the minority are our ultra rich dictators.

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  3. WTSF? I thought that Restorative Justice was developed with crimes against property in mind?!? Sex offenders need to be locked up, well away from society at large and especially their preferred victim demographic. I’m a so-called “Carcerel Feminist”. All the way.

    I’m not even going to dignify the abject “racism” bullshit with a response. That’s right up there (down, more like) with the assertion that biological sex is a white, colonial concept applied to oppress the “zillions of non binary genders which flourished in all non-European countries before the arrival of Whitey”. It is truly obscene that anyone should want to retraumatised the survivors of sexual violence in this manner.

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    1. Rape used to be a property crime, because women and girls were always property of a male, and the male owner would be compensated (monetarily)for his ruined property after she (it) was raped.

      That’s why consent laws read so similarly to property laws.

      We are still property of males, just not as an entire being, we are owned in bits and pieces. For example, males own our uteruses, at least, in the states, they do.

      Males control us. And you cannot control what you do not own.

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      1. The background of a friend: Her mother was from Sicily and was raped there, so she was sent to the U.S. because in Sicily she was “damaged property.”

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    2. In the UK restorative justice is a big deal in the Quaker community. They’ve been doing it for years. I don’t know a whole lot about it but I do know a lot of the programmes they run are specifically for sex offenders. They have something called circles of support and accountability. Something like that. I believe the circles were started by the Mennonites in Canada but, anyway, the UK Quakers use the idea. They think it’s great.

      I think it’s all a load of bollocks. I know prison is supposed to be about rehab as much as it’s about punishment but, jfc, get a grip, people.

      I couldn’t even finish Jayne’s piece so I don’t have anything intelligent to add to the discussion. But I have always instinctively hated the whole restorative justice idea. I’m not a criminologist or anything. Just a normal person with common sense. It’s all bollocks. It’s not about justice. Not even close.

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    1. Thank you Jayne, for directing us to the comments – my head would have burst if I hadn’t.

      I had seen a few tweets about this crazy RJ thing when I took a quick look at twatter a couple of days back. I was appalled, but didn’t know the full details till I came here & read this….. Got me boiling…. and then I saw your comment to check out the original article’s comments – it feels slightly better now.
      Thanks for sharing!

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