New Video, here and on Odysee, and an update.

I now have 2 Odysee channels, the original one that essentially mirrors my personal YouTube, and now, there is one dedicated to woman centered content.

I am leaving my original Odysee channel, as is, it is just a mirror of my YouTube.

The second channel, called radfemspiraling_Jayne , will be only woman centered content. The first video is up, and I am posting it here, as well…

Thank you for reading, watching and supporting me.

Jayne ❤

8 thoughts on “New Video, here and on Odysee, and an update.

  1. Bravo. Sometimes problems have elegantly simple solutions once you shed all of the indoctrinating myths surrounding them. That frequent sex and sex on demand from partners, is a NEED, are just two of those myths concerning sexuality. It’s just exhausting.

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    1. Thank you.

      This myth that males perpetuate that sex (with a woman) is a NEED should be challenged by all of us. No male has ever died of a fucking erection.

      Also, this is just more work heaped onto us, in service to males, with no pay or other benefit to us. We already have jobs, kids, some of us are taking care of elderly family members, women are constantly buried underneath unpaid, around the clock, work for everyone else, and now, we have to add the job of securing means of pregnancy prevention and termination so that we can keep fucking the males who are holding our rights to these very things?

      Males are very secure that their right to fuck us will not be interrupted, that we will continue to find ways to service them with our free sexual labor, even when males make it as difficult as possible to do so without pregnancy.

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  2. To paraphrase the inimitable Rex Landy: The problem can simply never be the solution!
    As you say, maybe the solution really is that simple! So many women seem utterly blind to it and resort to the cope of “But not my Nigel! He’d never try to block my access to medical care or pharmaceutical contraception such as Plan B!”. As you said, that’s really not the point. Again and again we see the kind of solidarity which bonds XYs in our society, yet we seem to fail dismally at replicating it. Why is that?

    I don’t believe that it’s any kind of coincidence. I think that it’s a core tenet of our socialisation during girlhood “Girls can really be so catty!”, “You really can’t trust other women!” and “She’s only going to go and ‘steal’ another woman’s man!” etc. These messages start so early and are just so pervasive that I’m not that surprised by the fact so many of us are duped into not supporting our sisters. Men would never let a situation which potentially imperils each and every one of them pass, yet here we are begging for the scraps from the Master’s table -when the truth is that we are the people who have (historically, certainly) always been stuck with ensuring that it’s so well stocked.

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    1. Exactly.

      In one of the many posts that I have written about opting out of PIV while being married, a well meaning woman asked me about Mr Jayne getting a vasectomy.

      As you say, she was missing the point. Bodily autonomy is not about 1 woman working within the system to find a loophole that works for her. Solving something for myself doesn’t solve it for other women, it doesn’t free us.

      Avoiding PIV is not just about pregnancy, either, it’s about the little girls that males target to traffic and rape, it’s about those little girls being forced to have the babies that the rapists impregnate them with, it’s about rape being unpunished and inconsequential, it’s about the women and girls being forced into porn and prostitution, and then being forced to defend it as “sex work”. It’s about males murdering us while we are allowing them to fuck us, and then claiming that we consented to “rough sex”. It’s about males legally enforcing their fetish that women and girls exist only as a submissive fuckhole, therefore, dick draggers can be a “woman” if they perform being a submissive fuckhole. It’s about males hoarding advantages and opportunities to themselves while claiming that we are just not as good as they are, it’s about males disrespecting us, dismissing us, condescending to us, at every turn, all while keeping a boot on our fucking neck, even while they only exist due to the generosity of a woman who decided to give them their pathetic life.

      We should be withdrawing all of our labor from XYs. Especially those of us with a super special Nigel. He will show exactly what he thinks of you, very quickly.

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    2. Right. Men stick up for each other, ESPECIALLY if it is a men vs women issue.

      I had come across this recently:

      Quote from the above article (which summarizes a scientific experiment):

      “.. Girls weren’t very keen in imitating the same-sex models (female models), while boys on the other hand were more likely to imitate same-sex models.
      Physically aggressive responses were imitated by boys more than the girls. In the case of verbally aggressive responses, there was virtually no difference..”

      Somehow, we need to accept the facts that (A) men are born with homosocial bonding – they’ll listen to other males, imitate other males, (and stick up for the worst of their bros, and call the nicest woman a hoe and lying-bitch), and won’t listen to a woman. And that (B) Physical aggression is higher among boys than girls, and I’m sure the gap would get much wider over age, due to the natural feedback received (females have twice as many sensory nerve endings as males have. So, when they throw a punch at a wall or something, it is going to hurt their own hand much harder than how much hurt a boy would feel on punching with the same force. So, girls would naturally scale down.)

      And of course the obvious fact that even if a female is physically aggressive, her punch is not going to cause anywhere near the damage caused by a blow from a male.

      Jayne had posted a link to a video from Shekemet_she_owl (I hope the spelling is right), where she states the bitter but obvious truth that male violence is biological. Kind of hard to accept, but we have got to..

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      1. There is definitely a biological component to male violence, as well as general dominance. Throughout all of history, males have chosen to war and violently steal from each other instead of much easier and peaceful solutions.

        Understanding and acknowledging the male predisposition to violence is NOT EXCUSING IT. Males have always had freedom to choose, and they always choose violence.

        No one wants to discuss it. We can’t change what we won’t acknowledge.

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