The Proud Walk of Lioness. Meet the Mayyas’.

You MUST see these Lebanese Sisters, this goes beyond dancing, this is ART.

Link in case my embedding skills fail me…(performance starts at 3:15)…

These women are SHEROES. If you can spare 10 minutes, please watch, and consider upvoting the video and leaving a comment of support for them.

A special thank you to the sister that brought the Mayyas’ to my attention, she shared with me so that I can share with you.💙

Jayne ❤️

6 thoughts on “The Proud Walk of Lioness. Meet the Mayyas’.

  1. Sorry to post something not related to the original post you made. About the abortion “issue” an interesting article. I have a whole lot to say about this topic, and I have commented before about the “legal” system at length before, so I will keep this short this time, lol!

    My younger daughter has needed an abortion for weeks and we are still unable to get the pills. I am in NC—and could do a chapter on the system WE have and the fraud “sisterhood” of the “women-owned businesses” these abortion clinics are here—-and about PP w/NO access to abortion pills but has tranny affirming care, or the fact that we had the pills shipped to my other daughter in Virginia and the POST OFFICE CLAIMED THEY DELIVERED THEM when they DID NOT. Or about how long it’s taking for the “pill company” to reship the pills because they’re investigating what happened. I am feeling homicidal right now. And I wouldn’t doubt I’ll end up in jail after having to go back to the “sisterhood clinic” next Tuesday after having all our attempts to get these pills thwarted at every step.

    The virtue signaling twats who “escort” you into the sisterhood clinic with the bourgeois lying twats will probably get told off by me next week as well. Fucking rainbow vests on? And I don’t need any help escorting my daughter into the building as I am not at all averse to some violence of my own if someone gets in my fucking way…….see? Already talking too much…..

    Here it is:

    Loved the dance art, btw…..on a more positive note…..

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    1. I don’t care if you post off topic, you know that.

      My time is very limited due to other work commitments for the next few days, and if you still haven’t found accessible pills by next week, I will do everything that I can to help you. I am not that far from you, either. Probably not more than a few hours, at most.

      I have instructions posted for menstrual extraction jars on the blog, as well as other resources, if you search the abortion tab. I encouraged everyone to bookmark it, just in case. I will find it and link you, when I can.

      I have no problem with violence, especially since xy demand it, as it seems to be the only thing that their fucking retarded minds can understand. I am tired of sharing the planet with them. They all should have been left in the bottom of a glass jar by their mothers. They are all some combination of murderous and fucking stupid. If they all dropped fucking dead, I would dance in celebration.

      Good luck. Luck is all we seem to have left.

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      1. Thank you. I will search for your page about the extraction jars. We did finally get the pills last Tuesday. Miraculously, the pills that were sent to Virginia were also delivered THE SAME DAY after they were allegedly delivered by the post office. It has really been something fucking else to get this shit done. My daughter had to wait an additional two weeks until we could get the pills from either set of exploitative assholes (that sisterhood shit I was referring to earlier…..) 430 dollars for the clinic here just to get pills that cost less than a dollar—-and that who experience of capitalist exploitation of women and girls is a subject unto itself. Abortion is still “legal” here—the fact that that word is involved means REGULATED BY THE STATE and it seems to escape a lot of people. Should be zero legislation involved with it ever in any direction as that is what makes it under state control in the first place. And these histrionic loons screeching for it to be “codified” into law really don’t get the SCOTUS would overturn that law in 5 minutes under the same fucking grounds! It would be struck down as “unconstitutional”. Even if there was a fucking constitutional amendment it would be ignored and legislated right the fuck over by the states, as all our other so-called “rights” are done on a daily basis. God knows how many abridgements to the first amendment alone there are under both state and federal “law”.

        I despise males, but I want to tell you, I’m not too fond of most women either and this fucking exploitation—legalized extortion is what most of these goddamned laws are all about—like NC having to have the MD have hospital privileges at the nearest hospital is about ensuring a capitalist with enough money can run the clinic and charge whatever they want from these girls/women while claiming to follow THE LAW. The LAW was about CAPITALIST moneygrubbing bullshit from these bourgeois twats.

        When everyone has time, we should all have a great big discussion about this subject alone. I found a Carol Hanisch article I’ll leave here. Everyone can peruse it and keep it in mind for another time—-and it is the MONEY part of the whole f’n thing that has always burnt my witchy ass. R v W was just a temporary privilege win for the “middle class” women and was neither a right for them nor esp. for working class women who could never afford these fucking racketeering rates or the travel. When I was with my daughter—girls treated like fucking cattle in that ” woman owned business”—there were already people from South Carolina. I told them the clinic was operated by money grubbing filth who pretend to adhere to the letter of the law so they can hold the girls out longer as the efficacy of the abortion pills wanes the longer you are pregnant to about 12 weeks. All so you could get the surgical one, I have NO DOUBT.

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      2. I am in complete agreement with you.

        I read in some second wave books from the 70s, that when abortion was being decided by xy power, that the second wave was divided, half of the women supported male control and dictates on abortion while the other half (much like you and I and most of the women who read here, I wager) handed out blank pieces of paper, in protest, saying that this is how abortion should be regulated, which is to say NOT AT ALL.

        But of course, the women who wanted males to have the final say won out.

        And women are our worst enemy, I am sorry to say. I wish that it was different. So many women willing to throw us all under the bus, just out of fear or greed, and every single version of “success” in a patriarchy rests on parasiting from women, and sadly, many women follow the male model in order to enjoy resources and “power” from xy, not to mention all of the male approval.

        I try to remember that we are socialized into bleeding for males, prioritizing them while selling out our own in the most horrible of ways. But at some point, we are responsible for what we are doing, and the excuses run very thin, don’t they?

        I hope everything is well with your daughter. Thank you for sharing your (and her) story.

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