XY rapist impregnates 10 year old girl.

This video is posted to Odysee, as well as another one that I posted yesterday that was too long to post on WordPress.

Link to the article discussed in the video.


8 thoughts on “XY rapist impregnates 10 year old girl.

  1. In the article, the thorn that never stops pricking, “the center said that pregnant people”
    No one is a pregnant “person”. A ten year old is a pregnant girl. Do any of these captured journalists understand the linguistic crime of labeling women and girls as blanks? I was already in a bad mood, fortunately. Please, please, Mother Earth, send butterflies to my garden tomorrow, to lift it! Ute

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    1. I’m so angry and upset for American women and girls right now I can barely think straight. What’s wrong with people! Vote these misogynist dinosaurs out, we’re 51% of the population!

      Oh, silly me – I sometimes have a rush of blood to the head and forget that most women have any notion or inclination towards our natural tendency to stand in solidarity with each other socialised out of us by adulthood, SMH

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