200 SHEroes from India. This is what Female solidarity looks like. (Bonus video at the end.)

I was cruising around bored panda when I saw the story of over 200 women, their story is number 17 on the list, at the time of this writing…

…about a group of 200 women who took retribution on a serial rapist who was enjoying the protection of his xy police fellow sexual terrorist brothers. So I dug a little deeper because I wanted to be able to properly celebrate these badass women, who took care of business.

His name is whatever, who cares, let’s just call him the dick dragger, and the story is told from the logical indian..

He had allegedly started raping women at the age of 12 years. In 1991, when Yadav lived in Kasturba Nagar, he began with his criminal activities. His activities wreaked havoc in the city, forcing many families to stop their daughters and women from stepping out.

The logical indian, link above

He started raping women and girls when he was 12?

Is anyone surprised?

Isn’t it interesting that his “activities wreak(ing) havoc in the city” had no affect on the movements of his male counterparts, only on the women and girls?

He would often ask small business owners for money and attack women and kill them if anyone refused to believe in them.

The logical indian, link above

We all know that the business owners are male, yet, he didn’t threaten the xy owners, only the women and girls under the “protection” of the male business owners.

In a decade, he attacked over 40 women, the youngest of them being a 10-year-old girl.

The logical indian, link above

Males are so pathetically weak. Such great pRotEctoRS, lol.

The article goes into a lot of detail about this rapist’s sexual terrorism against women and girls, it’s graphic and it’s terrible, and of course, when the women went to the xy police, the police blamed the women for going and getting themselves raped because they were just big old slutty sluts…

When women complained against Yadav, they turned down, sighting that their ‘loose character’ was why they got raped.

The logical indian, link above

Police are males. Males love to rape women and girls.

The police are a patriarchal system that protects the right of males to sexually terrorize women and girls and this right is nearly, if not completely, universal.

Male solidarity (rapist solidarity) kept the rapist free to continue raping until…

A woman named Usha Narayane took note of the gravity of the situation when the rapist attacked her neighbour. Narayane went to the police station to complain against Yadav when the victim refused to go. This gave Yadav and his men to attack Narayane’s home, but she refused to protest. This gave other women time to attack Yadav’s house, and they pelted stones at Yadav and his men, forcing him to surrender.

The logical indian, link above

Here is where the women turned this shit around…

When Yadav came for his trial on August 13, 2004, he was barely remorseful and boasted with confidence, further infuriating the women. He saw a woman he had raped and mocked her by calling her a prostitute and threatening to rape her again.

The logical indian, link above

Of course, the rapist called his victim a prostitute.

Has anyone ever heard a male, any male, take responsibility for his choosing to rape a woman or girl?

The policemen accompanying him laughed at his comment.

The logical indian, link above

Of course he laughed. Males love a good rape joke. Males also enjoy terrorizing women and girls.

The police and the rapist are the same.


A woman standing in the front started hitting him with her slipper and told Yadav that either she would kill him, or he would kill her. A mob of 200 to 400 women walked into the courtroom armed with stones, chilli powder and knives. He was stabbed 70 times, and chilli powder and stones were thrown at his face. One woman also reportedly hacked off his penis. The police left the courtroom overwhelmed and terrified. Some women also threw chilli powder at the policemen who protected her.

The logical indian, link above


At the end of the case, nobody was convicted for Akku Yadav’s murder because all the city women said they were involved in the murder.

The logical indian, link above

They were Spartacus.

This is what Female solidarity looks like.


***BONUS*** This video is not all that great, but if you want to hear me talking about this and addressing some of the comments from bored panda, here it is….

6 thoughts on “200 SHEroes from India. This is what Female solidarity looks like. (Bonus video at the end.)

  1. Males ARE the state. Males created this system while we were still literal property, and it is not designed to deter crime, or protect women and our children, it does exactly what it is intended to do, which is uphold male supremacy. Our fear is useful to xy, and it’s unfortunate (and unspeakably stupid) that some women throw in with male power, as if they will gain protection for siding with xy. That weak ass selling out of other women will make them short term gains, but in the end, they have put themselves right next to the most powerful xy, who are almost always rapists, misogynist, and violent, and when those males inevitably snap, they will act upon the women who are standing right next to them. (I am thinking specifically about Huckabee, the press secretary (I think that was her position) for trump, in her book, she talked about how she would be the lone woman traveling with the president and his entourage, and they would start degrading her, for funsies. She is certainly not the sexy 12 year old girl that those old nasty dick draggers usually target, she was their peer, and yet, she was the convenient, only female, for when the xy got bored and needed a female human to enact sexual terrorism onto).

    And I am glad that I made you chuckle, I get it, it’s just so ludicrous that this xy raped without ceasing, even little girls, the police joined in on the jokes and taunts, the women begged and pleaded and pleaded and begged and STILL, people in those comments were all “but lynch mobs are bad” and “they should not have enacted vengeance this way”. Their only other option was to continue to be raped by a male, but I suppose that the only proper thing for the women to do was to accept being raped? While every single fucking male laughed about it? And blamed the women for it?

    I would gladly take up arms against violent males, but I am not interested in warring with other PEOPLE over other matters. What I mean is that I am not interested in male created issues that males suffer under, like classism or racism, because those are male issues that males use to their own advantage and women are never considered in those things, we are always just collateral damage. I would do anything that I could to help the women, though, because the women and girls are who matters, the xy are just garbage and who cares.

    Laws were written by xy, for xy, for xy society, which obviously cannot hold. There are too many xy. Women adapt, and we would adapt to a world with a lot fewer xy, fewer xy means less violence, less toxicity, less ignorance, but unfortunately, that will never happen. Males are unable to just destroy themselves, they are taking us and everything else on the planet with them. I know that it’s dismal and unpopular, but existence on this planet is over. There is nothing left but the dying, males have chosen that end. At one point, we could have stopped them, but that’s no longer a possibility. I am living small and quietly, hopefully, I will be dead before the worst of it.

    I always enjoy your thoughts, you are always so interesting to read. Thanks for commenting.

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  2. Cackled my ass off when you said, “I am”……I am all for ridding the planet of them by violence, since that’s the only permanent solution. And the fucking armed men of the state (thug pigs) are always going to side with males in the hierarchy system we have. Just like when they abuse/kill children, etc….or criminalize women getting abortions while not criminalizing males for making unwanted pregnancies…funny how THAT works……law protects only the private property interests of the ruling class and is not interested in “solving crimes” since that isn’t its purpose–repression/oppression is its purpose. And people act like criminal law is this really real, like you know, really real crime stopping shit—almost as though words on paper are going to stop a criminal act from a criminal thug–abuser, rapist, because they’re so interested in following…THE LAW…..and law only addresses (when crime is bothered to be investigated to keep the propaganda going) the already occurred CRIME therefore doing ZERO to stop any of it from happening and only dispensing retribution on behalf of the STATE who makes itself the VICTIM and not the actual victim. It’s all so pathetic and primitive—the LAW—in all its sophist pompous idiocy.

    I had a woman laugh at me, a relative, when I said how primitive the LAW is in spite of the verbose pomposity. She’d rather believe propaganda than have basic respect for a female relative’s critical analysis of statist propaganda. I get that a lot.

    I am all for an armed revolution and would happily be a gunner in a machine gun nest. Going out in a hail of bullets for ending capitalist PROPERTY “rights” sounds good to me. We are all the property of the ruling class. The state thugs came for me for laughing at them, after all, and legally breaking their undersized balls for over a year until they squealed like the little piglets they are to their mammie DA’s office and had mammie DA’s try me in a court of LAW and with a mammie cunt-rag judge on a panel with two dick-draggers uphold my “conviction” blibbering all the way and having a fed. court dick dragger make sure the STATE of NC could continue upholding my “conviction” in spite of all those fucking rights we don’t have—but remember—I get laughed at about the LAW and my objective material statements about it being primitive private property protection racketeering…AS IF….like the first laws weren’t about how to buy, beat, rape and kill slaves and oppress wives doing the same them, too, since they were also the first slaves.

    Bourgeois twats/dick-draggers would like to say murder is primitive as a solution to rape….gotta luv that one. So classism would be a hindrance to women’s or anyone’s solidarity as long as they continue to bahleeve in the religion of bourgeois “right” and “law”. I think rapists should be beaten to death, or burned alive, or…..and I’d love some pompous liberal asshole to tell me how “primitive” ridding the world of trash is. Fuck them and their religious “rule of law”–nothing more lower -state -in -human -development than believing in stupid mythology in the face of cold hard fact and mountains of evidence your beliefs are idiotic. Halfwits, all of them. I have been in so many arguments with bourgeois “feminists” about calling the pigs to “deal with” male violence, you have no idea…..’cause putting a no-contact order on paper is going to stop a murderous, raping male all right—or have the male pigs actually investigate a rape or solve any crime..(the cops are wife-beaters, rapists, pedos and murderers themselves)…after it has ALREADY HAPPENED because words on paper don’t accomplish a fucking thing in material reality. Never a word about heavily armed bands of females protecting each other and actually stopping rapes and murders….just rely on bourgeois LAW. It’s worked so well through history to solve problems that there’s almost no violent crime anymore, right?

    There are times when violence and even war is justified. Some enlightened bourgeois liberal twat/dick dragger will propagandize against taking out the garbage invoking that “civilized rule of law” horseshit and calling dealing with material reality outside their lying, idiotic mythology “vigilantism” —and make movies further propagandizing that vigilantism is BAAAAAAD and uncivilized while criminalizing women out of the other side of their mouths…. and murdering and oppressing entire nations to uphold their fucking economic standing via their imperialist organized criminal enterprises at the same time. The hypocrisy and ignorance of most people in the West is fucking ASTOUNDING. And they’d no doubt call these women who took out the trash: VIGILANTES in a “backward nation” and disparage their correct and logical problem solving.

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    1. Too bad they’re not encouraged to practice their art far more broadly.

      Just before the COVID lockdowns started I read about a similarly righteous band of over 200 women in another part of India who’d grown weary of their local police department and the entire phallocentric “justice system” which had repeatedly failed the victims of male terrorism in the domestic sphere. They had started to beat the disgusting XY wife and children beaters at their own fave hobby. With those bendy plastic poles that builders and electricians use to protect electrical wiring when it’s being installed into walls, etc. They’d forced several out of the community and returned the houses the women had essentially been held in as terrified prisoners to the women and their friends and/or extended family of choice, particularly in the cases where there were still children in the house to raise so that the newly liberated women had enough support and would be able to prevent the violent XY from returning to the family home.

      As in the case you cited, so many of the local women had been involved and all of them presented the same confession so that the police were completely stymied when they tried to charge someone after one of the vituperative, violent dicksplashes went crycrying to the cops. Because of course he did.

      I can’t help but wonder if COVID put the kybosh on their effective practice. I hope not. Also, I really wish I had a link to that article to hand.

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      1. This has me thinking about the way that we (women) enact violence.

        As a class, we only enact violence as a last resort, as a response to male violence.

        And when we kill the rapist, or get our homes back, we stop.

        It leads me to believe that this is evidence that we (women)are not violent by nature, but we definitely have the capacity to be, if males make it necessary, and they absolutely DO make a violent response necessary, at times, because they literally are incapable of understanding anything else. Males do not understand reason, logic, fairness, but they can understand physical violence.

        Everything with xy is violence or threat of violence. If we waged a physical war on them, their male supremacist system would fall within a matter of days, lol.

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