Brave and stunning vicar and his love of harvey hoover.

From the article on my homepage a few days ago…

It’s not directly stated, but I am assuming that the church member who walked in on this nasty male was female, if for no other reason, he continued on with his act because “naughty”.

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4 thoughts on “Brave and stunning vicar and his love of harvey hoover.

  1. Keeping a tidy Parsonage hoovering up all that messy grief. LOL. We know what he was wearing but how was the vacuum dressed? And what did it do to encourage him? And was it just asking for it?

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  2. I am quite sure that the parents of the autistic (and extra vulnerable to being groomed into sexual depravity such as the Trans Cult) children in that support group were all simply DELIGHTED to discover that their Vicar is degenerate enough to initiate congress with a vacuum cleaner!

    Heck, they’re probably relieved that he has allegedly only assaulted such an inanimate object whilst being so Stunning and Brave. I’m only surprised the presumably “cis female” parishioner was not herself charged with a Hate Crime for having noticed that her “Lay-dee Vicar” was polishing his dainty ladypeen with said vacuum cleaner, given that it occurred in Great Britain…

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