When he hates MVAWG. But not really.

Found here.

A male that gets an erection when he thinks about hurting a woman (or girl) is unsafe.



5 thoughts on “When he hates MVAWG. But not really.

  1. Lol, MF (Both the expansions of this are synonymous). The title should be, “release valve for male who grudgingly pretends on the outside that he doesn’t like mvawg”.

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  2. Ya’ll seen the Reduxx newspage? Just found it today—not even sure how it happened. Happy to see there are some Marxist ladies are regular contributors. Sorry if someone else has already mentioned them—they started in January, I think, but as usual, I am behind on finding it out, lol! Behind on a whole lot of things…..might catch up one of these days…..If you haven’t checked them out yet, I think many of you will like the content.

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    1. “Feminist”
      “Law enforcement”

      Just a few titles that perv ball danglers hide behind in order to appear baseline decent when they rarely ever are safe.

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