9 thoughts on “A Thank You and an update.

  1. Ugh – I just had a five day foray into the front line of our public hospital system, from within which I had all manner of technical difficulties with my phone and the internet. I was unable to use Patreon properly and I certainly could NOT find you on there once finally in. I do apologise because I thought the last link was just for your PayPal deets.

    I’m the first to admit that the issue could be coming from within the house, as it were…
    PS my time with doctors went right along the sublime to the ridiculous spectrum! One woman who works in the local ER confided in me that she’s had it with seeing girls and young women rock up with unnecessary side-effects wrought by “gender affirming care” and is appalled by the obesiance within the medical sector to one of the state’s largest hospitals where I actually met a “they/them” doctor. Of medicine. 🙄

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    1. Are you doing ok? (I don’t ask a lot of questions, i assume that women share with me as much as they are comfortable, and I certainly don’t want to be nosey, but if I can at least know that you are ok, I would appreciate it.)

      A fucking they/them doctor?????? Of all the places that this imaginary bullshit shows up, the absolute worst is in a fucking medical setting (the second being in education, especially elementary/primary schools).

      My feelings on Patreon are mixed. I never considered monetizing the blog until last year, when my husband announced that he was leaving, seemingly out of nowhere. My attitude has always been that we are stretched so thin, as a class, and I never wanted any woman to feel as if she needed to share her resources with me, especially since i had a husband and all of the advantages that came along with being in a marriage.

      I set up the Patreon, on advice from a friend, and the women here really stepped up, immediately and in a very big way. A lot of women use that platform, anyway, and in the first week of me scrambling and trying to get a little money together, the women here had paypaled more than enough money for me to open my own (secret) bank account and on August 1st of last year, my first payout from Patreon was a very generous addition to my new checking account. And all of that was in the week that i had my teeth removed, my husband announced he was leaving the day before i had my teeth extracted.

      I refuse to set up tiers on Patreon, I am not going to put information out exclusively for those who can afford to pay for it. I have no problems with women who go that route, and i would consider that for myself if my content were purely entertainment, but my content is for all women, it’s personal, as well as being political, and i want women to be able to access my content equally, regardless of their ability to pay.

      And as far as my using Patreon as a platform, as a writer (and now, maker of videos) the platform has been a nightmare for me to attempt to use, beyond linking directly to here, on WordPress. I prefer to use tablets, and the Patreon app is just shit, lol. More importantly, I think that anything original that i put onto Patreon is available only to those who already use Patreon, and that locks my content behind a paywall.

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      1. It’s not the fault of women that Patreon is run by an inconsistent mob of misogynists. Seriously – I wasn’t having a dig. I think that if we only ever used products which aren’t at least partially owned and/or run by chauvinists, we’d have all starved to death years ago. 😘

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      2. I know that you weren’t insulting me, I apologize if i came across that way.

        You are right, about so much being owned by males. Males own everything, therefore, they control it. It’s maddening.


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