Mayyas Update, A Badass SheRo, and a posthumous SheRo.

If you missed the first post on the Mayyas, please give it a look because this is a group of truly stunning, talented women.

They have progressed to the finals (i think this is correct, I am unsure how this show works), and i am linking here, just in case my embedding skills fail me

That performance goes beyond dance, they are art.

Our next badass sister comes from Thailand. She caught a 17 year old male filming her in the ladies restroom while she was using the facilities, and…

After a Thai man attempted to secretly film a woman in a public restroom, he was immediately chased and beaten by the victim, who happened to have a black belt in Taekwondo.

Yahoo, link above

There is video at the link, and please, take a look.

Dumbass little male picked the wrong woman to sexually terrorize.

In CCTV video of the incident, the 17-year-old tries to flee on his motorcycle, but the woman catches up to him. After she grabs him, she begins to beat him, swinging punches and kicking the man.

Yahoo, link above

She beat his pervy ass and it is GLORIOUS.

Although the man knocks the woman down at one point, she immediately does a backward roll and rises to her feet.

After throwing more punches, the woman runs back to the restaurant as the other employees gather at the front. She then snatches the phone from the man and shows the evidence to her coworkers shortly before allegedly deleting the video.

Yahoo, link above

Understandably, her name is not given, but she deserves a celebration.



According to the BBC

Since the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran, women have been legally required to wear modest “Islamic” clothing. In practice, this means women must wear a chador, a full-body cloak, or a headscarf and a manteau (overcoat) that covers their arms.

In recent years, Iran has seen several campaigns against the compulsory hijab, but a crackdown by Iran’s morality police on women accused of not complying with the dress code has caused opponents of the policy to call for action.

BBC, link above

So the male state of Iran has a police force that they refer to as the “morality police”, which is a male created terrorist faction that solely focuses on enforcement of male terrorism directly on to women and girls.

MAHSA AMINI was beaten to death by the male state, who joyfully beat her to death because males did not like what she was wearing.

There are plethora pictures of her condition as she lay dying easily found on the internet, which is proof that contradicts the male lie that she “suffered a sudden heart failure”, as if these dick draggers didn’t beat her to fucking death just because they wanted to, just because they can.

MAHSA AMINI was 22 when she was murdered by male terrorists.

We will not forget.


2 thoughts on “Mayyas Update, A Badass SheRo, and a posthumous SheRo.

    1. Isn’t it interesting that males are the rapists and murderers of women and girls, yet, males form and run the “morality police” not to stop males from raping and murdering women and girls, but as yet another faction of males to terrorize women and girls.

      That makes no fucking sense, whatsoever.

      Unless the primary aim of males is to protect their right to rape and murder women and girls.

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