Male Identified vs. Woman Centered.

I have a new video up on Odysee which is about several things, but the theme of it is how male identified so many of us are, so much so that women carry water for xy, tirelessly defend xy, so many women are the proxy footsoldiers of male supremacy, endlessly policing other women, attempting to keep women in the patriarchal line, desperately working to maintain male as master.

I am the opposite.

As are the women on this thread over on ovarit…

I have mentioned before that i work in an office of 2 other women, owned by a male, and that we make his money for him.

I have only known this xy for less than 3 months, and i have only seen him a handful of times, less than 10.

Here are some of the things that he has said in my presence to his boyfriends…

Women have small minds.

My xy boss, last week.

One day, I am going to hire a smart woman. As soon as I find one, harharhahahaha.

My xy boss, last week

I have never met a woman that wasn’t crazy, hahaha.

My xy boss, last week

This is xy homosocial behavior on full display. He LOVES dick and he hates women, and his dick dedication causes him to spew hateful misogyny to his boyfriends and his hatred of women has him falsely believing that he is clever or funny, when this behavior is just the pathetic way that dick lovers bond with other dick draggers who also love cock.

Males always center other males. ALWAYS.

And for this reason, I call myself WOMAN CENTERED.

My unpopular opinion is that feminism centers males. That’s what i see. The fact that we now call it feminism when it started out as WOMEN’S LIBERATION is evidence of male take over, of the male view of our experience living in male supremacy, of our demands being minimized and our voices being censored, in order to placate males who remain invested in upholding their delicate, fragile hierarchy and who cry dainty manTears when we plainly talk about these things.

Women’s liberation is about our freedom from male tyranny, from male sexual terrorism, from male domination, from the male boot that is on every female neck, universally and globally.

Feminism is for EVERYONE. Feminism is about EQUALITY. Feminism is about recognizing and realizing that males are important and must be considered. Feminism is about believing that we need males, only the good males, to fight for and with us, against MALE TYRANNY. Feminism does not hate males, and reminds us all that we should not be dismissive or mean to males. Feminism says that the personal is NOT political.

There is radical feminism, environmental feminism, vegan feminism, there are a million fucking feminisms, and all of those feminisms are in a hierarchy of importance, based on who is doing the rating and in the context of the issue being examined.


I refuse to participate in hierarchy of any kind, hierarchy is a male ideology. Males are unable to function without a hierarchy, and besides, all we need to understand about the dumbass male created and enforced hierarchy is that ALL MALES ARE ABOVE ALL WOMEN AND GIRLS IN A PATRIARCHY.


Are you female? Then i will stand with you. END OF.

This does not mean that i think that women are always right, or that they are all perfect.

I will always, ALWAYS consider my sisters first, especially in matters of male terrorism against women and girls.


Even if I don’t like you, or if you don’t like me.

Because this is what solidarity means.

I ruthlessly, unapologetically center women and girls. It’s the only thing that makes sense, in our current environment (the only environment that we have ever really known)…

It’s time that we all stop pretending.


8 thoughts on “Male Identified vs. Woman Centered.

  1. OmG! Your boss is more than a megalomaniac! All XYs are, but some of them don’t display it in women’s earshot. But your boss and the XYs around your area have no qualms doing that every waking hour! (I remember the small store you mentioned where a lady used to work, and was the only sensible person in the store. And the male boss making some joke when she was slightly late one day, and all the [male] customers going HO-HO-HO over it..). Why doesn’t he hire a male to do all the work???

    (PS: Glad to see that youtube allowed ads on your videos sometime back:)!!!!!! You have unlocked another level – CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!:)
    Your denture videos are comprehensive – I watched a few of them. They deserve to be promoted more – it is 1st hand info from a woman who has excellent hygiene standards & *lots* of intelligence & common sense. Should catch up with your other vids..)

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  2. WTF?!? Your boss uttered those things in your presence? I think he’s confused – he’s the one with the small, stupid mind.

    The tragedy is, I bet there are plenty of women out there who’ve been so irrevocably pickled by the misogyny in our society that these statements wouldn’t even have phased them. I only have to ponder the phenomenon of popularity currently enjoyed by certain very mediocre men in Woman-Face. Take that Dylan Mulvaney for instance – over 7million followers on TikTok. Yes, some of them are surely bots he bought to boost his sub count in the beginning of his “transition” but he has several million young women and girls who hang on his every half-baked word and trawl the internet to “defend” the nasty piece of work from meanie words that might surely otherwise make his ladydick fall off (oh, hang on…🤔).

    No other social group on the planet would accept commensurate behaviour from a public figure – let alone support it! It’s so deeply offensive and the fact that most women and girls have been programmed to support all others to their own detriment, particularly men – even those who openly mock us and steal back every iota of the social progress so bravely fought for by our predecessors truly breaks my heart. Men who openly minstrel us, for whatever reason – clearly despise us and are jealous that here (in parts of the West at least) women have been unshackled from the predestined fate of lives of barefoot domestic drudgery and reproductive servitude to men who were/are largely our intellectual inferiors.

    If this minstrelry was being indulged in and reified against any other group – they would rightly take to the streets until it was stopped. This phenomenon is so far past identifying with one’s Oppressor I just don’t know what to say.

    Rant over! Tysm 😉

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    1. Dylan Mulvaney is that bearded fuck in a skirt that refers to his crotch as his “barbie pouch”? Am i thinking of the correct troon? And like so many of those xy, his femininity performance focuses on being sickeningly sweet and overly smiley, like some troon straight out of a fucking horror movie.

      …”women have been unshackled from the predestined fate of lives of barefoot domestic drudgery and reproductive servitude to men who were/are largely our intellectual inferiors…”

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    1. Truth.

      But whatever I do, however I exist, is not about them. It’s about me.

      I refuse to excuse male behavior and choice of violence, and I refuse to blame women for the actions of males.

      I automatically give women the benefit of the doubt. Between an xy and a woman, I default to believing her.

      If I see a woman being affected by male terrorism, I will let her know that I am on her side and look for ways to help, if I can.

      Unfortunately, males have created a war against us. I will NOT side with the enemy against another woman.

      This is who I am, who I choose to be. I just can’t be any other way.

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