Rolling the dice.

Embedding YouTube shorts is an unknowable tech trick that is impossible to figure out, so i screen recorded. It’s 60 seconds, let’s watch…


Patriarchal courts created and enforce the law that claims that pornography is free speech and is protected. Pornography is male sexual terrorism enacted onto women and girls, recorded in various forms of media so that males can share it with each other for sexual gratification.

When we expect the courts to protect us, we are asking the rapists to stop the rape, we are expecting the male system that exists to protect males and their privileges to strip males of their protected legal privileges to enact sexual terrorism onto us.

How does this make sense?

When males choose to make a pretense of “protecting” us from male sexual terrorism, they enact the laws in such a way that the law fails to protect us every single time.

And that is BY DESIGN.

Males purposely make these laws unenforceable or half assed, so that males are free to continue their sexual terrorism against us.

Now, let’s discuss this (it’s 2 minutes)…

So this young woman was in a unisex dressing room when 2 different nasty dick dragger perverts walked in on her.

She is apologizing for being upset, she is crying while she says that she is ok with unisex changing rooms because unisex changing rooms make everyone (i.e. MALES) feel “included”.

I am not attacking this young woman. Her “femininity” socialization is kicking in, and our socialization demands that we apologize for speaking plainly about male sexual terrorism, and that males being included in everything is more important than our physical safety and male feelings are certainly more important than our speaking about males sexually terrorizing us.

Why do we trust males at all?

Male legal systems do not exist to protect us, those systems exist to do the exact opposite of protecting us. How do we not see this? How do we not understand this?

Male law is rewarding male criminals by placing those male criminals into female prisons.

Male law is allowing males to take everything from us, and then punishing us when we protest.

Begging patriarchal systems will never work.

So why are we pretending that it will?


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