How to tell if you are a Lesbian. Take the Quiz!

Having recently been informed by more than one dick dragger on exactly what makes a woman a Lesbian, I thought that I should immediately share this important knowledge, as bestowed generously upon me, POST HASTE, by the XY that I have to interact with at my place of employment.

BE FOREWARNED, most of you are likely Lesbian and you DON’T EVEN KNOW IT, until some random XY sees fit to tell you.

I didn’t know that I am a Lesbian until some random dick draggers decided that my behavior and mannerisms in ManWorld are unacceptable for heterosexual women to openly display in front of the DickKings, so of course, they told me right away.

In order to help my female friends, who may or may not be in a Lesbian relationship with me (with neither one of us able to determine if we are, in fact, Lesbianing together, unless and until a male notices us and tells us what our relationship actually is), I have compiled the following short, handy-dandy quiz, that is the definitive list that will tell any and all males if I, you, or any woman, is in fact, a Lesbian.

Are you ready? Do you have your pencils?

Let’s go….

Do you turn down/avoid male attention or approval?

Are you the opposite of dainty? Do you take up space?

Is your voice and general manner of communicating “unfeminine”? Without a lot of apologies and/or smiling?

If you are single or divorced, do you avoid dating males?

Do you have close relationships with other women?

Do you have a visibly good time with other women?

Do you go out with your female friends often, to places that a heterosexual woman should be going with a male? Such as events where couples attending are routinely heterosexual dating/married?

Ready for the results?

According to my male boss, and his boyfriends, if a woman answers yes to 2 or more of these questions….


Imagine my surprise when my male boss informed me that I am a Lesbian woman, that he and his boyfriends had figured out this mystery when a couple of them whined to him that I had said NO to them, that I had turned down their advances, or ignored them.

And they have figured out that I am probably, most likely, definitely, maybe, in a Lesbian relationship with my direct female boss.

She and I are obviously in a Lesbian relationship because we have a good time, together, and she often tells her husband, whom she is divorcing, that she is with me when she is with one of the other males that she dates (which I didn’t find out about, until today).

My closest friend and I hear endless Lesbian jokes, because we are so close, mostly from her adult children, 3 out of the 4 are women.

What the fuck is this?

Males define everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING) by their dick, including our relationships with each other, that have NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM. So if women are close, if we have a good time together, if we prioritize each other, or if we share a special bond with each other, then in the degenerate XY mind, it must be sexual.

And the underlying current to these idiotic male musings is unmistakably insulting, as if we need to be so worried about being perceived as a Lesbian by males that we must immediately begin wailing “OH NOES, I LOVE DICK, I LURV MEN, I’M NO LESBIAN”.

I resent all of it. I resent that I am not allowed to be NOT SEXUAL.

I resent that, as usual, I am not allowed to define myself, ONCE AGAIN. Or I can define myself, but it’s an incorrect assessment because I don’t know enough of myself to define myself, a male is going to define me, and his definition will stand and carry weight because penis.

And I really, really resent that Lesbian is hurled around as if it is some kind of fucking insult due to the unforgivable sin of ignoring the nasty ass dick.

What I really think is that when males spend alone time together, like “boy’s weekends”, or hunting/fishing, or whatever thing males do as a bonding activity, I really wonder if they are just ass fucking each other and sucking each other off, and then proceeding to project all of that nasty degenerate, depraved behavior onto us, in yet another predictable male reversal.

Whatever thoughts males think bother me exactly NOT AT ALL, there are so few of XY thoughts present, there’s only maybe half a dozen male thoughts, and almost all of them are about their sad little peens.

I can’t bring myself to give a fuck.

Additionally, my male boss told me a story today about how he really, for realz, pooped out of his mouth, this one time.

So. Make of that what you will.

But he is the smartiest, and the most knowledgeable, and all of his boyfriends agree that I am a Lesbian woman, so…

…I guess.

Jayne 😋

5 thoughts on “How to tell if you are a Lesbian. Take the Quiz!

  1. I don’t understand, why all males still think that we should want and love them. They are our enemies and always have been. They treat us like shit, abuse us and still want our love. They are mad. Anyway. That I don’t want a man is very understandable. And no, it doesn’t make me a lesbian. Besides, I have better things to do in life than only sex around. One could say that this oversexed behavior of men has put me off sex for good. It is so very boring. Men only have sex and money in their little two braincells, which they carry between their legs. Awful and boring.

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    1. “Besides, I have better things to do in life than only sex around. One could say that this oversexed behavior of men has put me off sex for good. It is so very boring.”
      Exactly how I feel. Especially now that they insist on wearing dresses and makeup and following us into the toilets. Very boring indeed.

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      1. So glad to see other women basically of the attitude of why would I bother? Between the pornsickness and actual danger, the absolute contempt they feel for us, the additional free labor and the just plain boredom, I see more and more women just opting out. The problem is that many of these women view it as a failure on their part, that they failed to find one of the “good ones”.

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  2. Yes, they’re the definers, the deciders, and the all-knowing ones. Not surprisingly, their primary guidepost is in their trousers, at least when it isn’t in their hand.

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