Just in case.

This is not going to be heavily edited. I work a minimum of 6 jobs just to be fucking poor, so I have to get back to work, soon, I have at least 2 deadlines that are coming quickly.

Continuing from my last post, about how my female boss is divorcing her dick dragger, and how he is not taking it well…

He has become HISterical, again, and threatening. He has made a list of women who my boss is acquainted with, who he is claiming that she is “dating/cheating on him” with and taken it to her attorney. Of course, I am on it.

He seems to be a little bit fixated on me, I assume because I was used as an alibi, and because she and I work together, mostly alone. (My male boss has also stated several times that while he knows that neither one of us are lesbian, that he can totally understand why other males would conclude that we are lesbians because??????, nothing he said made any sense.)

She saw her attorney, today, and he was there, I don’t know if this was planned, I am very busy at work with WORK, but she did tell me that he openly told the attorney that he has had my license plate “ran”, and he spouted off several things about me, including my maiden name (which is 13 letters long, and German, no one can pronounce it correctly), my first married name, 2 previous states that I resided in, and a couple of other things that are not common knowledge about me, but were accurate. He also claims to be watching me and my house.


I am not scared. I am fucking pissed.

He is involved in employment that is very closely linked with law enforcement, which explains how he has looked into my background. I am in a small southern town. These males stick together. The police are his boyfriends, so, there’s no help there.

I thought that I might have to quit my fucking job, but the damage is already done, especially if he is pathetically following me around. There’s literally nothing that I can do.

My male boss is also involved with the local police, and he thinks that all of this is HILARIOUS. Threatening women, intimidating women, HILARIOUS HAHAHAHA. And frankly, the way that my female boss is handling it is not helping.

Males are going to male. I knew that he was crazy, but I didn’t think that he was going to actually do anything. Now, I am not so sure.

So this is my “just in case” post. There are a few women here who will know if something is done to me by this unhinged cocksucker. I have friends, here, and I would never just walk away from you. Someone will let you all know.

But honestly, I think that it will blow over. That’s the only hope that I really have.

And also, I really am not trying to make anyone worry about me, I just really want a little record out there, so there are no unanswered questions.

Just in case.


19 thoughts on “Just in case.

  1. Jayne
    I’m so sorry this is happening to you. I agree that it will eventually blow over, but I think there will be drama and bullshit in the meantime. I just don’t want you to be collateral damage in any way.
    I agree with others here, take care of yourself as best you can. I’m also furious with your female boss. She’s old enough to know better and seems to think all of the drama swirling around her is validating. I don’t understand why she didn’t just wait to date until the divorce was finalized. You’d think that after however many years married to the specimen you describe, she’d welcome a nice quiet rest.

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    1. I have no idea why she is so desperate to be paired with a male, either.

      The last time she went for a weekend with a male, she came back on Monday morning and said that she felt sick to her stomach. I offered her an anti acid pill, lol, I thought that she just felt bad. Then she clarified, saying that the thought of being with any male, right now, made her sick. And she didn’t want to date this male, that he was always saying things, like “don’t break my heart”, LOL.

      I asked her why she was doing something that she really didn’t want to do, she replied that she didn’t know.

      She used to be endlessly confused that i just don’t want to date. I used to just say “that part of my life is over” to avoid too much discussion, but we are together so much, and she really is confused about how i can survive happily without constantly seeking male attention or approval or whatever.

      I gave her my blanket reply, it’s as neutral and noncommittal as I am capable of being, when I said that I have been married twice, and dated Goddess only knows how many males, over the course of my life, and every single relationship has one thing in common, and that is the males exited the relationship in a state of being much better off as compared to when we met, but I was always worse off. Males always take, and women always give. And I am done giving to males. Period.

      She is one of those crafty women, she makes gardens out of tires and things like that. She has 2 adult sons who live nearby, she has multiple grandchildren. She has 3 dogs. She has a house. And those are only the things that I know about. She has endless ways to spend her time and energy, on HERSELF. I really can’t understand.

      Also, while I am at it, these males in my age group are straight up fucking NASTY. I have yet to meet one that I couldn’t outrun, the vast majority of them literally smell bad, they are all overweight, most border on obese, they have multiple health issues that are not simply bad luck, they are all diet/lifestyle based/related. They have no money, no social skills, literally not a single, solitary thing to offer any woman. Their confidence levels are off the charts and it’s HILARIOUS, lol.

      Lots of them are also married, and when they attempt to flirt with single women, they are too retarded to understand that they are telegraphing their lack of integrity, honor, commitment, decency, etc. LOL.

      Just gross. All of them.


  2. Just to let everyone know that I am ok, I will be replying to everyone in the next day or 2. I am working from home the next few days, i should have some free time in there, somewhere, lol.

    Thanks for the comments and support. ❤


  3. Oh no! This is awful! As worried as I am, I’m angry on your “female” boss as well, for dragging you to the midst of this hyena pack. I only hope that that ex of hers falls down a cliff or somehow meets his end soon (in a way that would not make you a suspect, of course). I’m bristling… and worried.

    I’m praying for your safety – may God who blinded armies of men keep you safe & hidden from the eyes of these cheap, violent, dangerous angry boys & their chums, and guard you as the apple of His eye. May all the protection of Psalms 91 descend on you. And, may your eyes see the punishment of those wicked men. I’m saying this because these cheapstakes seem well connected, and any of the usual measures we could possibly take may or may not be effective – though I certainly recommend you doing what you can. We need help from a Higher Power to fight these powerful idiots.
    I’m even more angry that all these might take a toll on your mind and health. Please love yourself sis, and take care of your health (I mean, like, DON’T BOTHER being nice and inviting unhelpful ppl over to your house or entertaining them – instead, use that time to get some healthy food/things for YOU, and to try to relax.)
    By any chance, does anyone else among your local friends’ know of this? If so, do they know if that ex has any connections among the local people, or if he has any criminal past (he is a terror for sure, but has he made any serious criminal attempts at anyone before? or anything of that sort?).
    In any case, take other things easy, and take care of yourself… Praying for your supernatural protection..

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    1. I know you have no time to “try to relax” – in the midst of 6 jobs, no less! What I meant is, if at all you find yourself inviting someone or going out of your way to drive someone to walmart (someone who isn’t likely to be grateful or helpful), try to stop yourself & use that time for yourself..

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      1. Thanks for the prayers and thoughts, my dear sister. ❤️

        I talked to my closest friend about this, she was born here and she knows EVERYONE, including this unhinged dick dragger, and she says that he is just all talk and that i don’t have anything to really worry about, and she wouldn’t lie, she would absolutely tell me if I had something to worry about.

        How are you and your mom doing?

        I get PLENTY of rest, lol, even with multiple jobs, all but one are online, so I am doing alright. I still offer women a ride, when I see them walking, and I actually had a woman turn me down, recently, which has never happened. In fact, I saw her walking again, recently, the same woman and she turned me down a second time, lol. She lives around me, it seems that I only catch her when she is almost home.


      2. Wow, really happy & relieved to know that this fellow is just hot gas / barking dog and nothing more…. (apologies to actual dogs). And that the chap partly put you behind him and has moved on to trying his luck with others (and I hope they escape soon too, if they are women).
        Thank you sis, we are doing fine by God’s Grace 🙂
        From your latest updates, it looks like there is some hope for your female boss to see the light & come around. Let’s see. And anyway, atleast she came and informed you what had transpired in that meeting with him & her attorney.. Let’s hope she gets better.

        And I really appreciate your ability to find time for rest amidst your jobs. People with ONE job feel they have no time. It is actually a skill to find time. One must be highly productive in their work, have an excellent memory, quick recall and excellent executive function to be able to do what you are doing now. Otherwise, they’d take a long time to “warm-up” in their job in the morning, forget lots of details & spend a lot of time going back & redoing stuff, and even after their job is over, they’ll have half their mind gnawing on things that they had missed earlier and are realizing slowly now. And have no time for anything. It’s a gift to be able to do what you are doing. (I don’t believe “touchwood” is going to help here. I pray your gift remains safe & intact forever.). Your boss is lucky to have you, and is too stupid to realize it.
        Take care, again, sis! Wishing you all the very best. Stay safe!

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    1. HI, PERFECT!!!!!!! I am always happy to see you.❤❤❤

      I do think that it will blow over, I am not his main target. He has moved on to texting all of her friends, attempting to “have her committed” for being crazy. So.

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  4. I know how you feel, and I know this awful situation, where all men (and some women) stick together to go after you. For NOTHING, just for power and fun. (Their fun and power of course) I had to change my apartment, job and place of living 3 times in my life because of this bulling by men. It felt like being followed by the Mafia. Wherever you turned there was one of these grinning idiots. Nobody helped or sided with me Not even women. They kept quiet and looked the other way. Cowards. They all made my life a big hell. Only to feel superior, and did I mention it, fun. Gaslighting and lying and following me around. Trying to make me fearful and paranoid, which they almost succeeded in the end. Yes, they do that to women. They like it. Even trying to blackmail you, mostly for their own mistakes. Did I mention that they are crazy, sadistic idiots, always packing together and mostly helping the criminal over you. Because you are a women and therefor nobody will beliefe you and you are the guilty one anyway. I wish you all the best and a lot of strength. Try to find a feminist lawyer, just in case.
    I wish you all the best, Yvonne

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    1. Everything that you say is true. I think that is where the “bitter old woman” trope comes from, we are supposed to submit in the face of being called “bitter”, because certainly, we shouldn’t be ok with being viewed as bitter, that’s just unladylike, lol.

      Of fucking COURSE, I am fucking bitter. We should all embrace BITTER, and be fucking noisy about it.

      Having to move multiple times, being targeted by dick draggers, and all of the rest of the male bullshit will make a woman justifiably angry, but we aren’t supposed to talk about it, and we really aren’t allowed to acknowledge the women who refuse to acknowledge it, either.

      The thing that gets me is that I have a level of communication with males that means i have to walk a line in order to not call their attention, and now, I suppose I have to walk that same line with women that I do not know. It’s exhausting. And engaging because it’s so unfair.

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      1. Exactly. Besides: Not enjoying being gaslit and bullied doesn’t make you already bitter. They just call you bitter, if you don’t think it’s so very funny, what they do to you. Like in Pornographie, women are supposed to even enjoy all the cruelty done to them. If not, they call you bitter. Well, so what? Who cares what they think and how they see you, anyway.
        I don’t let anyone treat me as an idiot, or make me a victim. Why should I? Oh yes, there are many “bitter” women out there. They all have good reasons. But mostly they still smile and keep quiet, because they don’t want to be seen as “bitter”. It’s not considered Ladylike.


  5. I hope you have a nice firearm. If not, go get one and go to the range and become very acquainted with how to use it. From birth, Italians are taught the only time you point a gun at someone is when you have to KILL THEM. I’d have no compunction whatsoever, so I am good with that. If you feel threatened then arm yourself. My male neighbor threatened to shoot my family, so the cops and state took MY guns away from me even though he and his POS wife are convicted child abusers they were “allowed” to keep their “2nd amendment right”. Damn right the fucking bastard cops aren’t going to help you, so you have to protect yourself. I will protect myself however I feel necessary and unfortunately for women, we usually have to serve time for it. But it is better to be alive, so there is that. And that’s only if you get “caught” by the criminal fascist dog cops and they’re pretty fucking stupid—they aren’t even capable of hiding their own criminality. I slept like a baby when I had my 9mm under my pillow. And I would put one right in someone’s fucking eye if they were a threat.

    Your female boss rather fucking pissed me off with this bullshit, honestly. She also had to know he was like this and rather than act like a fucking child sneaking around her PARENT (that he isn’t) she could simply have not dated anyone for a fucking year and not involved you at all (either way.) This fucking shit right here is why all women are not my sisters and loads of them are my mortal enemies. It’s not my problem and certainly not yours that they are stupid, male ass-licks. That’s on them. Grown ass fucking women are responsible for their own goddamned behavior and she had NO BUSINESS involving you in her teenage mentality drama that has material consequences including pissing you off with his “threats” and stalking.

    Enjoy your holiday if you can with your REAL FRIENDS, including the furry ones. You’ll figure out what to do when you have a couple spare moments. But whether or not this will “blow over” I think you should be quite prepared. Bear spray, firearms, knives, the car, and whatever can all be used as weapons for self-preservation. I’ll break a goddamned chair or whatever over a fuckers head and keep beating his ass with it. So yeah, it will probably blow over, MAYBE, but I always prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

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    1. Your last paragraph, specifically about the chair, reminded me of something my first husband used to say, that if there’s enough shit lying around, that all of it can be used as a weapon, he said just to start picking it up and using it against an attacker. Honestly, that’s pretty good advice.

      I am not comfortable with guns. I am not afraid of them, but I am just not interested in that, although, I fully support the rights of WOMEN to own them, and to carry as they see fit.

      We have a gun in our office, we have a safe that is taller than I am, it’s in there with cash and important paperwork. It’s a handgun, it’s one with a clip, so I assume that there’s also a chamber? Anything i know about guns or shooting, i have picked up from tv, mostly from the show, “justified”.

      My boss has offered to show me how to use it, but he is an arrogant idiot, i would do better reading a book. I did inadvertently find out how to obtain a concealed carry permit, this past week, while I was doing something else.

      I agree with what you have said recently about women, and about how they can basically be terrible. I also agree with what Yvonne said, about being more disappointed in women than in males, down to expecting males to shit on us, and being angry about women actively hurting other women in order to pander to males.

      We are women without a fucking country.


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