Of Poles and Planes. Where we are and have been.

I have a standing weekly phone date with a woman across the country, we met online, we chat for a few hours every weekend.

Do any of you have standing, regular dates with your close friends? I would like to hear about them. How did you meet? How long have you known her? Tell us about her, if you want to.

Anyway, this past week, we were talking about stuff we watched on YouTube and I shared about a video that I had seen about shifting poles, which while interesting, is pretty terrifying, in that the earth shifts rapidly on its axis, ending up on its side, there’s a lot of movement and upheaval that ends up with everyone on the planet dead in less than a day.

That sound you hear is me cackling at my own description because Mother Nature can be rough. She can be ridiculously terrifying. And I am weirdly comforted by that, mostly because that fate of shifting poles is pretty much universal in scope.

No amount of self-given privilege saves anyone from that wrath. She can be swift and thorough. Inescapable and ruthless.

My friend told me about something YouTube that she had watched regarding Argentina and how the USA had brought “fReeDoM and dEmOcrACy” by installing a dictator, keeping with the USA’s sickening, vile male governmental entitlement to murder and destroy for absolutely no justifiable reason, usually just because they enjoy a murderous rage boner and/or there is something within the invaded country that the ruling males want to take for themselves.

I asked her to send me a link to the video. I made it to the 6 minute mark, where the descriptions of male violence/terrorism moved into territory that becomes impossible for me to take, with people (most of which were female, I would bet) drugged, stripped naked, and dropped from planes. Attempting to close the video, the tablet glitched and the video continued to play, with the vivid descriptions of what male power chose to do to the pregnant women pouring out of the speaker, with me frantically pushing everything on the tablet in a desperate bid to stop the graphic verbal flow of male sexual terrorism that is only ever inflicted onto women and girls.

PREGNANT women and girls.

Which leads me to where I have been for the past weeks.

I am, once again, overwhelmed with all of the male terrorism.

There’s one article that has been sitting in my queue, and I am so enraged by it that I have been stuck on it for weeks. It feels vile to even acknowledge, much less to dissect it, mostly because there is really nothing to dissect.

It’s very simple, really. First they murder us, and then they make a mockery of our deaths for no other reason than they have secured the power to do so, and males really enjoy pissing on the piles of dead female bodies that they create. Males truly are universally faggots, dedicated to the dick, and the largest part of that dick worship involves misogyny, sexism, and terrorism directly aimed at us.

What can I possibly say about it.

The most upsetting thing about this is that this is now the second year in a row that a troon has spoken publicly at events held in remembrance of 14 women murdered by one of his xy brothers.

Apparently, it’s not enough that males subject us to murder. Males must replace us in our own events to remember and celebrate those women.

This troon, mr. Preston, is slightly confused…

“For decades, trans women have been kept out of the conversation around gender-based violence,” Preston was quoted as saying, going on to assert that he intended to “speak about some of [his] experiences of harassment on P.E.I.” at the event memorializing the 14 women who were murdered.

Reduxx, link above, bolding mine

…because troons are most definitely NOT left out of “conversations” about male violence/terrorism that males choose to inflict onto women and girls. HE IS THE MALE IN THE MALE VIOLENCE, and his lipstick, skirt, and the rest of his sickening, ugly, “femininity” performance will never change that.

In addition to being overwhelmed with male fuckery, I have to work a LOT. I do ok, I am not in desperate need of anything, right now, but I work outside my house between 25 and 30 hours per week, and I work from home for a few hours, every single day, most of the time. As a result, I just don’t have the time to write like I used to write.

And I am sure you know that most writers, even the casual ones, READ. Reading is necessary to write, and for the past 18 months, I have lost the ability to read while comprehending or retaining what is being read. There’s no way for me to be certain, but I think that my memory issues surrounding reading might be some kind of a trauma response.

Those issues are slowly getting better, though, slowly but surely.

So for now, writing will be limited, but of course not gone completely. Our spare time is limited, and I appreciate every single one of you that reads, reads and comments, financially supports me, and watches the videos that I put out, thank you for sharing your valuable time with me.

And I am happy to give my phone number to any of the women here that wants it, so you can text me if you are concerned about me (you will know who you are, as will I, if I haven’t known you for quite some time, don’t bother asking).

What I can consistently do is to make short videos about things that I find funny. Everyone seems to enjoy those, and those are not time consuming for me to make, so long as I have the material. (I do have a longer video coming up, I will link to Odysee when I get it ready).

Not everything has to be a commentary on male terrorism. I have always tried to post positive things about women with some music, art, and humor peppered throughout, and more of those uplifting things is where I am headed.

All of you are invited to come along with me. I hope that you do.

Jayne ❤️

2 thoughts on “Of Poles and Planes. Where we are and have been.

  1. Jayne dear, get your B12 levels checked. Very low B12 can cause the issues you are describing (as can continuous stress and sleepless nights. But still, good to get you B12 tested).
    Yes, it takes a lot of effort to write, and it is even more painful to learn about the atrocities that males commit on women & girls. Borrowing from what Jonquil said in her doomfem radio hour, you don’t have to go through each of those cases if you can’t take any more at the moment – you know what it is going to be, and if you are in a position where reading it is going to break you, please do take a break – there is nothing to be gained from reading it right away.
    Don’t stress yourself to upload new posts. A very occasional “Hello” post, or a like/heart on our comments in youtube/odeysee is sufficient to calm most of our sisters’ anxiety, in case. XO.

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