Entitled XY recognized as XY. He might sue.

So this guy…

…recently found out that he is toTeS a LadY.

Let’s just take a minute. Let that sink in, lol.

The article about him joining a female only gym includes a 2 minute video, and I read the article, reversing the 1984 type maleSpeak over on Odysee. If you are interested, please watch.

These huge ass males are especially funny to me because their size is not the issue, it’s the way that they take up space, as if they are purposely attempting to claim as much room as they possibly can, especially when they are around women. I interact with bigger women daily, none of them have ever invaded my personal space or loom over me, demanding attention or expecting me to make room for them or purposely trying to make me uncomfortable.

Thanks for watching.

Jayne ❤️

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