The Lights are Out in Memphis. RIP Lisa Marie.

Lisa Marie Presley has always been a musical favorite of mine, she has been mentioned here before, in a post from back in 2019 about her epic song, “Idiot”.

She died this past week, at the young age of 54, and the narrative has been that she was heartbroken by the suicide of her son a few years ago.

While I am sure that her son’s suicide did indeed break her, the unspoken part of this narrative implies that her 3 daughters just lack the importance of her dead prince.

Whatever the reason, I am saddened by her untimely death. She was incredibly talented, and that talent was constantly and consistently overshadowed by her father. She was not Elvis Jr., she was Lisa Marie, her own person with her own capabilities and strengths.

In memory of Lisa Marie Presley, she is being laid to rest today, January 22, 2023, in Memphis.

May she rest in peace.

(Link in case my embedding skills fail me.)


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