Men Are Not Broken, Pt 2, from ovarit

My previous post featured a piece of writing from IceMountainFire called “Men are not Broken”, and a discussion popped up about it on ovarit.

Some of the comments have been deleted, like these…

…while comments like this are staying…

Noticing, observing and critiquing male violence and encouraging women to avoid males because of the sheer volume of violence that males choose to enact upon women and girls is NOT blaming women for being victims of male violence.

Women are socialized and groomed as girls to defend males, to pair with males, to love males, to birth them, to prioritize them because it is NOT IN THE NATURE OF WOMEN AND GIRLS TO DO SO.

Males are not socialized into violence. Rather, perhaps they are, but their inherent nature seems to make choosing violence acceptable to them, especially against women and girls.

The commenter above states that “For centuries, males have told women that that we’re more nurturing, biologically”.

THAT’S CALLED GROOMING. That’s the function of patriarchy, to enable males to live, thrive and perpetuate a violent system of dominance over women and girls while males benefit and women and girls are forced to go along, and we are told that it’s wrong to fight back, to critique it, to question male authority.

As one commenter states, PATRIARCHY IS MEN. It was created by males, throughout time, space and all of history because this is HOW MALES WANT IT.

The above commenter ends her statement with “Where does this take us? Arguing that men were right in the biological tendencies they claimed women had?”

How did she get to this conclusion?

That statement is based on a faulty sentiment, that if males are inherently “this”, then women are inherently “that”. This also assumes that women and males are equal and the same, that if something if inherent to males, then something else must be inherent to women.

Males are the ruling class, women and girls are subjected to male rule. Males decide, and then groom us from birth into going along or being punished. THAT’S PATRIARCHY.

If she wants to defend male authorities, fine. But the gaslighting should stop.

The commenter above states that “…it is logically the case that a woman who is abused by a male partner or friend or relative has only herself to blame…”

No. We are groomed and socialized into dismissing, ignoring, excusing male abuse.

Woman centered women do NOT blame women for being groomed to accept abuse.

This comment above is so misogynist that it takes my breath away.

We all know plenty of males, sis.

It’s natural and normal to hate the ruling class, the rapists, the troons, the abusers, the male systems that sexually terrorize women and girls, that defend porn as free speech, who put rapists into female prisons, that uphold child brides, that has made and upheld a patriarchal culture of rape, abuse, objectification and misogyny directed at women and girls.

If there existed “plenty of highly intelligent, empathetic, kind men” then the world would be a much better place.

And she says “the same applies to women”, as if women are just as free as males, as if women have the same opportunities, advantages, and power as males have secured for themselves.

As if we are all equal.

“The patriarchy is the problem”. Really? Who constructed it? Who upholds it? Who benefits from it? Who created it when males used their law to trade us a a fucking piece of property, from father to husband?

Did it just spring up? Magically? Out of the fucking ether?

Hating oppressors is unhealthy?

When males hate us, they rape and murder us, they legislate their woman hating. They allow males into our private spaces, they legislate our individual bodies. Male hatred of women creates piles of dead women and girls.

When we hate males, we avoid them and encourage other women to do the same.

These actions are not equal.

My question for her is why does she hate women?

The commenter above wishes “there was a community for normal people.”

It’s not abnormal to critique male violence, sexual terrorism, and patriarchal structures.

It’s not abnormal to avoid the source of the violence, especially when the male right to violence against women and girls is encoded quite frequently into patriarchal law and government.

It’s not abnormal to encourage women and girls to have their own lives, their own goals, their own existence, free of males.

I refuse to “blacklist” other women, even when they are wrong, even when they hate me or blacklist me. I will side with other women, against male power, every time.

There are some really good comments on the ovarit thread. But so much defense of males, otherwise.

Feminism centers males.

Which is why I remain woman centered.

Males are the problem.

Jayne ❤️

One thought on “Men Are Not Broken, Pt 2, from ovarit

  1. OMG, I was just trying to make a video on this very subject! You’ve stated the issue so eloquently here. I remember that piece from way back by IceMountainFire. I’m sure I’ve read it 10 times over the years…

    These false equivalencies women keep getting caught up in drive me absolutely batty.
    The Patriarchy is what THEY are, not what WE are, Women!

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