Sunday Funies, Point and Laugh, XY biology prevents xy from successfully finding food. Also, SCIENCE.

Good Sunday, my dear sisters ❤️

Have you ever wondered why males are unable to function in a grocery store? Why they are unable to find their own socks? Or to see what is right in front of them?

None of us really cares why they are so stupid, but we do enjoy the pointing and the laughing, so you are invited to view a new video that is up on Odysee wherein we discuss National Geographic’s totally scientific evidence that males literally cannot see items on a grocery store shelf.

Happy Sunday, Sisters!

Link to the article discussed.

Jayne ❤️

One thought on “Sunday Funies, Point and Laugh, XY biology prevents xy from successfully finding food. Also, SCIENCE.

  1. Oh good grief how I hate the male pseudoscience of evolutionary psychology as presented in the popular discourse. Were bottles of ketchup difficult to find on the savannah? What about egg gathering? Birds move but eggs don’t. Would males or females be better at hunting and gathering eggs? Oooh, oooh, maybe this is where the non-binary come in. FFS.

    Interesting isn’t it that the idea that males seem to trail behind females at all intellectual tasks is never considered? I’m not surprised that the average millennial male can’t handle an instacart job. We’ve all seen males in the grocery store seemingly stunned by the complexity. I’ve often wondered how they make the argument that they’re the sex suited to education, leadership and organizing society and the planet but cannot manage the most basic tasks of self and household care.

    Some interesting things that have been discovered by actual anthropologists without an ax of sexist social control to grind show that gathering provided 80 to 85 percent of the calories in prehistoric times, that what hunting was done was usually of much smaller animals using snares, nets, slingshots and traps and that more and more there is evidence that women created the conceptual discoveries that led to the foundational arts, crafts and sciences. Furthermore, everyone participated in both hunting and gathering when defined on a realistic scale and the division of labor was based less on sex and more on youth, strength, health and whether a woman was pregnant or had a nursing infant at the breast.

    I’ve gleaned this from many different sources over the years but two recent, interesting examples are the discovery that the Cave Paintings at Lascaux were primarily done by women and teenagers and a book called “Women’s Work: The First 20,000 Years”. This is a very interesting read if anyone is so has good, scholarly information but is written as popular non-fiction.

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