It’s too much, man. Come in here, tell us about it.

It's Monday morning, here in the southern united states, and I am wondering about how women are doing. I am hanging in there. It's hard. I am overwhelmed. Not gonna lie. Part of how I deal with things is that I try to put a shine on my personal life, I try to accentuate the … Continue reading It’s too much, man. Come in here, tell us about it.

Will we gaslight our daughters?

One of my very first memories is of a mall, it was FrederickTowne mall, in the state of maryland, not too far out of washington d.c., I was maybe 4 or 5 years old, I hadn't started school, yet. Mall culture was relatively new, it was the late 70s, and my parents would take my … Continue reading Will we gaslight our daughters?

Open letter to the Women’s Prize

To the directors and trustees, We write to you as concerned readers and authors. Originally, the Women’s Prize was established to recognise the contribution of female writers who were overlooked by other major literary awards. The founder launched it in response to the all-male shortlist for the 1991 Booker Prize. Over the years, the Women’s … Continue reading Open letter to the Women’s Prize

In Support of Males.

The males need support, y'all. So today, GLAAD, which is one of the alphabet soup organizations that support (pretty much only) males, released an open letter in support of males that are being victimized by women and girls that refuse to bow to the mighty, but ever dainty, ladydick. Let's have a look at the … Continue reading In Support of Males.

XY stupid.

So, I saw this commercial yesterday, about an HIV drug...... ..........and in the commercial, it says that it "has not been studied in people who are assigned female at birth." But, as you can clearly see in the commercial, there are people who appear to be female. So let's take a look at the … Continue reading XY stupid.

Happening in real time. #superstraight #superlesbian #supergay #superbi

So a hubbub started recently, in the past few days, wherein the subreddit, TwoX, which is supposed to be a subreddit for women and women's issues, has been taken over with males posting selfies in dresses and demanding that all of 2X praise their grand and wonderous ladydick and all it's dainty lady glory. There … Continue reading Happening in real time. #superstraight #superlesbian #supergay #superbi

Males are checking in on the global status of Women. LOL.

The patriarchy is global, as is easily witnessed by everyone just by living on the same planet as The Havers of the Mighty Penis. At the very top of the global penis governments is the United Nations, which advances and defends penis dominance and hegemony world wide. As per usual, like its smaller penis enforcement … Continue reading Males are checking in on the global status of Women. LOL.

Pervy Peeper underestimates Phyllis Pena

Phyllis Pena tackled a 19 year old male that she caught peeping into her 15 year old daughter's bedroom. The article refers to this Pervy adult male as a teen. He was unknown to both her and her daughter. So I guess Pervy XY TEENS are just roaming around, casing random houses, hoping to see … Continue reading Pervy Peeper underestimates Phyllis Pena

Coincidences! And new misogyny!

Women are being shoved back into the kitchen at alarming rates due to the lockdowns and quarantines and schools being endlessly closed. It's horrible everywhere, but this example out of the states shows that women accounted for 100% of all of the jobs lost in December, while penis actually added 16,000 penis jobs for penis … Continue reading Coincidences! And new misogyny!

Loser males stealing from girls is unpopular! This is shocking new information!

A little good news, on this Sunday morning, from the TWITTER! If you can believe that. Guardian sport tweeted their article about how the OHEMGEE THE TEENAGE BOYS ARE BEING ALL OF THE OPPRESSED BY GIRLS THAT WANT THE BOYS TO COMPETE WITH OTHER BOYS instead of painting their nails and swinging their dicks all … Continue reading Loser males stealing from girls is unpopular! This is shocking new information!