Explaining rudimentary concepts and facts to XY is a waste of time.

Meghan Murphy gave an epic speech on "gender identity", I am assuming that she was speaking to mostly other women. She is attacked so frequently for things that she doesn't think, speak or believe, because men are not interested in the facts, facts get in the way of what males want, so males ignore facts … Continue reading Explaining rudimentary concepts and facts to XY is a waste of time.

About “me, too”

I don't really have anything interesting or useful to add to the "me, too" conversation. It has been covered extensively by other radical feminists and they have said it better than I ever could. I am proud of all of us. We have to endure so much shit and abuse from males on a daily … Continue reading About “me, too”

The Social Contract: According to Males

Hey, ladies, There's been some confusion, ladies, around what is expected of you and what we will ultimately allow you to do (ladies are so easily confused in their pink ladybrains), so we males decided to give you a little clarification about your place in society and the behavior that we expect.  When a male … Continue reading The Social Contract: According to Males

God Hates Women 

I am speaking about the Christian god, here, but the Jewish god and the Muslim god also hate us. The really interesting thing about Christianity is that males created it and wrote the bible, and it makes them out to be total, incompetent, idiot assholes. For instance, in the very first book of the bible, … Continue reading God Hates Women 

Objectification 3: Sexual Servant 

In patriarchy, males all believe that they are owed a wife. And that wife is essentially a reproductive, domestic and sexual servant. This installment will deal with the sexual servant objectification. All wives are sexual servants, but not all sexual servants are wives. Women are taught from a very early age that we are to … Continue reading Objectification 3: Sexual Servant 

To the Google Manifesto Asshole…

Go fuck yourself.  Really? Women suck in jobs because biology? Women don't get high level jobs because biology?  Wow. So original. Just like when you white dudes kept women from getting education, having a bank account, voting, owning property, etc. White dudes said that we couldn't do anything of that and more because biology.  White … Continue reading To the Google Manifesto Asshole…

On Male (TV) Writers

It's just a slight annoyance, really. But when I watch movies or television shows, I can always tell when a male has written a woman character.  I have the television on pretty much constantly, just as background noise, while I read, write, cook, etc. There are very few shows that I actually sit down and … Continue reading On Male (TV) Writers

Transman Loses Trans Friends for Being too “cis”

http://www.boredpanda.com/transgender-man-before-and-after-jamie-wilson/ This links to a story about a woman that decided to become a man. This quote (taken directly from the link) stood out to me: "Though his progress is astonishing, the people from his previous life who chastised him for being ‘too feminine’ to become a man have now been replaced by his fellow … Continue reading Transman Loses Trans Friends for Being too “cis”