God Hates Women 

I am speaking about the Christian god, here, but the Jewish god and the Muslim god also hate us. The really interesting thing about Christianity is that males created it and wrote the bible, and it makes them out to be total, incompetent, idiot assholes. For instance, in the very first book of the bible, … Continue reading God Hates Women 

Objectification 4: Breeder Edition

Yet another facet of how males objectify women is reproduction. Patriarchy is entirely based on our reproduction, that is, on the fact that we give birth to 100% of the people.  All of this bullshit that is propogated by males about penis envy? Uh, yeah, this is just another classic male reversal. No woman, anywhere, … Continue reading Objectification 4: Breeder Edition

Objectification 1: Purity Edition

Patriarchy is designed by males so that males are the human beings, the people that have unique thoughts, feelings, aspirations, etc. Opportunities, advantages, and a myriad of other various choices are abundant for males. In patriarchy, males are the only beings that matter.  Women in patriarchy are not human. We are all just servants to … Continue reading Objectification 1: Purity Edition