Here’s Why I Will be Sticking to only WordPress. An explanation.

I posted a comment over here, in response to another poster, who I chat with often on FC, she is one of my favorites. My comment, in full, says this........ "On one of the videos on Meghan's YouTube, it was one where she spoke, and then a troon explained why she was wrong, like a … Continue reading Here’s Why I Will be Sticking to only WordPress. An explanation.

Urgent request: office supplies needed (Patreon link within)

Hi, sisters,

You may already be aware, but if not, femonade (aka FactCheckMe, FCM) blogs lately as Cannabis Refugee. She is in need of a little financial help, as you can see in this reblog.

I have never dealt in donation requests, and I never planned to, but some of you may want to help, if you are not aware of her circumstances, and I know that a few women were not aware of where she was and were happy to find her after I mentioned her over on FC.

And please feel free to link to me, or to her, if you want to help spread the word around.

Thanks! Have a great weekend!


Cannabis Refugee, Esq.

Hi everyone.  This is coming at a bad time as my business is slow and I am extremely short on funds, but I desperately need a new printer.  I had to replace an HP printer I had for several years when the print head died for a second time.  I got a new printer last fall and it’s been a horrible ink hog that I have spent hundreds of dollars on ink to keep going.  After maybe 2 weeks of quality printing, to even get it to print at all takes 30 minutes of cleaning and aligning print heads every single time, and even then I only get a couple more weeks worth out of it before it says it needs more ink.  I have to print about 12 pages a week of consistently high quality.  This printer is not up to the task.  I also need a few different…

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Why I no longer support the Nordic model.

Terri Strange and Bev Jo talked about being against the Nordic model at this video link, if my memory serves me correctly. The short argument, as I understand it, is that the Nordic model is not a feminist solution to the rape of women and girls that males have named "sex work", because it is … Continue reading Why I no longer support the Nordic model.

And it turned out he was a missing person that nobody missed at all.

Maybe you know this one. I am not a country music person, not usually, but this masterpiece is a rare exception. Also, the lead singer, Natalie mains, made a disparaging remark about the president, it was bush, at the time, a while after 9 11, and all of America lost its collective male centered shit … Continue reading And it turned out he was a missing person that nobody missed at all.

QotD: “The ‘Consensual Rough Sex’ Defence Is On The Rise In Murder Cases And We Need To Discuss It”

If a penis haver gets an erection from violence,he is telling you very loudly and very clearly that he is unsafe. RUN.

Anti-Porn Feminists

Last week, the trial of the man suspected of killing British backpacker Grace Millane finally began.

The 22-year-old from Wickford, Essex, had been on a round-the-world trip when she was strangled to death in the Auckland apartment of the 27-year-old man she had met for a Tinder date last December, the eve of her 22nd birthday.

Jurors have heard that after she died, the accused took “intimate” photos of her body, watched pornography, and went on to have on another Tinder date the following evening, while Grace’s body was kept in a suitcase in his room.

Prosecutors allege Grace was strangled to death in the man’s apartment – but the case for the defence? They claim that Grace died by accident during consensual sex, saying “acts designed to enhance sexual pleasure went wrong”.

This defence will mean Grace’s family will have to endure a month-long trial during where her sexual…

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VRR vandals prove, once again, that TERF is a misogynist slur

Such male behavior, nailing an animal to the door, and threatening to kill women.

I can only hope that the rat was already dead. But knowing males, I would bet it was alive when the males caught it. Males hate animals, too. Sickening.

Purple Sage

On August 16th, Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter reported that a dead rat had been nailed to their door:

The unknown vandal was likely trying to intimidate women and express his misogyny.

Only a couple of weeks later, a second act of vandalism occurred. Someone wrote death threats against “TERFs” along with the never-ending mantra “transwomen are women” on the doors of the shelter.

Trans activists are still claiming that “TERF” is just an acronym for a subtype of feminist; however the way they use the word shows clearly that they intend it as a slur. This graffiti is transparently about intimidating women and making us scared to set boundaries that exclude men. Vancouver Rape Relief does not have an anti-trans policy—they have an anti-male policy. Because it’s almost always men who rape and assault women, and because men largely have the power to get away with their crimes…

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Males of Turkey. I Have no Words.

An artist created a memorial dedicated to the 440 wives killed by their own MURDEROUS HUSBANDS last year. FOUR HUNDRED AND FORTY SISTERS. In one fucking year. Murdered for the crime of being pushed into domestic servitude. By MEN. By the fucking losers that patriarchy claims to be honorable protectors. WOMEN DO NOT DO THIS. … Continue reading Males of Turkey. I Have no Words.