Gender is a lie. This includes “Dark Femininity”.

Recently, I was chatting with 2 women that i know, both about my age (50), when the subject of body hair came up. I stopped shaving years ago. I just didn't want to, anymore. And i have almost no body hair, which i think is a function of age, it seems to be a common … Continue reading Gender is a lie. This includes “Dark Femininity”.

Narcissism, devaluation, and the “good men”

One month and a few days out from the male partner of 20 years abandoning his commitments and responsibilities to live with his mommy, and clarity presents itself, slowly, first in seconds, turning into minutes that turn into pretty significant chunks of time, where I have entire thoughts and experiences that no longer revolve entirely … Continue reading Narcissism, devaluation, and the “good men”

Patriarchal Revenge Porn Law Protects Males Right to Give Each Other Erections.

Patriarchal law in California has written its revenge porn law as a ruse to make it seem as if they are trying to protect women without really protecting women. From the link: California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law SB 255, or the “Revenge Porn” bill, on October 1, 2013. The law makes it a … Continue reading Patriarchal Revenge Porn Law Protects Males Right to Give Each Other Erections.

God Hates Women 

I am speaking about the Christian god, here, but the Jewish god and the Muslim god also hate us. The really interesting thing about Christianity is that males created it and wrote the bible, and it makes them out to be total, incompetent, idiot assholes. For instance, in the very first book of the bible, … Continue reading God Hates Women 

On Male (TV) Writers

It's just a slight annoyance, really. But when I watch movies or television shows, I can always tell when a male has written a woman character.  I have the television on pretty much constantly, just as background noise, while I read, write, cook, etc. There are very few shows that I actually sit down and … Continue reading On Male (TV) Writers

Objectification 2: Rape Edition

My first post on objectification focused on purity. This idea of purity (or virginity, virtue, etc.) that males created out of nothing but their feeble little brains is a core tenet in woman as object. In patriarchy, males are the only human, and everyone/everything else is in existence only to serve them in whatever capacity … Continue reading Objectification 2: Rape Edition