Vaccinated Menstruators can still breed! Don’t worry, incubators!

As vaccine rollout started, women began reporting menstrual issues seemingly connected to the vaccine, including menopausal women reporting that they began to have menstruation*, sometimes after years of being free of it. Let's see what mainstream media is saying about it. I have been talking about this for several months, as it was the first … Continue reading Vaccinated Menstruators can still breed! Don’t worry, incubators!

C0v1d questions answered. Sort of.

I mentioned this video elsewhere, and my interest in it is mostly the tone and the general delivery. I am not keen on posting males, but I make an exception in this case because it's really interesting that so many people are refusing to take the vaccine, that it is impossible for the media and … Continue reading C0v1d questions answered. Sort of.

XY Horribly Fail Women and Girls. Patriarchy rewards the failure XY.

Before we dive into this particular incident of male violence and sexual terrorism of women and girls, I think that this is the first time in the history of this blog where I am giving a trigger warning. While I leave out a lot of detail, this case centers on male rape of a little … Continue reading XY Horribly Fail Women and Girls. Patriarchy rewards the failure XY.

The commonality of our experience, seen through “the lovely bones”

If you haven't seen the 2009 movie, "the lovely bones", it was based on the book of the same name, about a 14 year old girl named Susie, who was raped and murdered by male in 1973. The story begins with her murder and focuses on her trying to come to grips with her own … Continue reading The commonality of our experience, seen through “the lovely bones”

Male Inmates in CA gifted with the right to r@pe women.

Let's start here......totally humane experiment featuring males raping trapped women........... because we totally don't know what will happen if we trap women with a bunch of violent, rapey, nasty males.This rapelover replies to the first rapelover.......he wants women to be raped by his boyfriends because databecause he has no clue about what violent males will … Continue reading Male Inmates in CA gifted with the right to r@pe women.

Open letter to the Women’s Prize

To the directors and trustees, We write to you as concerned readers and authors. Originally, the Women’s Prize was established to recognise the contribution of female writers who were overlooked by other major literary awards. The founder launched it in response to the all-male shortlist for the 1991 Booker Prize. Over the years, the Women’s … Continue reading Open letter to the Women’s Prize

Failing up. Also, #NotOurCrimes

So, a few days ago, it came out that Aimee Challenor was an admin at reddit. Aimee is a male, he claims to be transsexual, he has been problematic for the transsexual community because he's a nasty pervert. The key thing to remember here is that this entire drama has been framed to the general … Continue reading Failing up. Also, #NotOurCrimes

In Support of Males.

The males need support, y'all. So today, GLAAD, which is one of the alphabet soup organizations that support (pretty much only) males, released an open letter in support of males that are being victimized by women and girls that refuse to bow to the mighty, but ever dainty, ladydick. Let's have a look at the … Continue reading In Support of Males.

Happening in real time. #superstraight #superlesbian #supergay #superbi

So a hubbub started recently, in the past few days, wherein the subreddit, TwoX, which is supposed to be a subreddit for women and women's issues, has been taken over with males posting selfies in dresses and demanding that all of 2X praise their grand and wonderous ladydick and all it's dainty lady glory. There … Continue reading Happening in real time. #superstraight #superlesbian #supergay #superbi

Here’s all of the empowerment.

****my last post didn't show up on the reader**** On to today's wit and wisdom.... Empowerment is a relatively recent concept, thrown at women as something LIBERATING! Googling images for the word, empowerment, gives you a diagram about empowering children as one of the first results. Just take a look at all of these empowering … Continue reading Here’s all of the empowerment.