“…every little girl and woman deserves to be killed.”

Credit to AntiPorn Feminists, where I originally found this image.


6 thoughts on ““…every little girl and woman deserves to be killed.”

  1. This can just be shortened to “We hate females but just love our dicks and money.” No need to drag the flies in off their shit piles just to make a simple point.


  2. I recently read some incel stuff too, and I was struck at how they view genetics as literally “superficial.” They think women selecting their sexual mates based on physical characteristics (the super sexy Chads) is superficial, but what they are talking about is clearly genetics, which has to be the least “superficial” characteristic imaginable. Recognizing that incels view genetics as superficial explains a lot, doesn’t it, including transhumanism, transgenderism, neonatal and a lot of Western medicine for that matter, and even these creepy gene therapies masquerading as “vaccines.” The Chads are the least of our concerns, if we are thinking about the long-term effects on human genetics. It’s really the incels who are the problem. I mention genetics because here, they compare girls and women to flies. Do they not recognize that even literal flies have a place in the natural ecosystem? Do they think that only good things would happen if we made all flies disappear? Their view of what is “superficial” versus what is actually superficial, and what is actually extremely, deeply relevant, is shockingly incorrect. And the incels/betas are the ones that seem to be making the rules.

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    1. This is a knife that cuts both ways. It can be argued that this is why we’re forced to perform femininity, because it’s just so difficult to get men to like us enough to impregnate us. If only. But the fact remains that people with reproductive drive tend to choose reasonably healthy people with whom to mate and certain aspects of desired phenotypes have been associated with desired genotypes. Some of this is also nonsense from the eco psych crowd too. So to be taken with a gigantic grain of the old n a c l.
      All of that aside, the transhumanist stuff is frightening and gets more so every day. Men want to not just control reproduction but do it entirely themselves. This really is the root of their hatred for us. To that end, until an artificial uterus is invented (and irony of all ironies, it’s two women doing some some of the best science on this) they hope to create a different type of human being. A cyborg or consciousness uploaded into a computer game. Anything to make them ascendant and disappear women.
      Part of the problem with people thinking about all of this is most people lack even junior high school level science and technology education and knowledge. I once had my plumber robustly declare that “..,I care more about my kids than a bird. This is why these tree huggers are crazy.” He really didn’t get it that it’s sn ecosystem and that we’re part of it and that if the system and the rest of the components of the system aren’t okay then neither are we. Of course this isn’t just scientific ignorance but the idea that man is above and separate from all of that gross, ooogie nature stuff. This is why disgusting women exist until man solves the problem of nature. I know you all know this but I see it even in people who have no idea whatsoever that they’re promulgating a philosophy. I remember explaining to a guy that Mars is completely dead and that getting there, much less colonization is most likely impossible even with a hundred years of science, engineering and tech breakthroughs. If we’re so intent that our garden planet isn’t enough we should start with Venus. At least Venus has a beating heart and can hold an atmosphere. It’s an atmosphere of sulfuric acid but hey details. Maybe misogyny is the root philosophy of men. What is the word for hatred of life? Anhedonia? Biocide? Word doesn’t exist Google informs me though the concept does. So I’ll coin the word: biodium.


    2. The ultimate irony as they will use every stupid evopsych argument in the book to argue not only that women should be distributed to them but that they all deserve the best phenotype ever and no older than twenty. But we knew there was hatred rather than logic at the root of this.

      Lack of education is another problem. Not only do they want to feminine women but they want to create an entirely different kind of human that doesn’t have that oogie flesh stuff or that awful mortality thing, thus the transhumanist obsessions with cyborgs and consciousness uploads.
      People in general don’t realize that we’re dependent upon and part of the ecology and biosphere. That if nature as we know it doesn’t live, we eventually don’t either. We or rather men because I don’t see as much of this in women are not only biocidal but suffer from an actual hatred of life – biodium.

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  3. Um, maybe we’re “deselecting” the genetically disadvantaged men for a reason. I read on Ovarit yesterday that someone once said that naturally the ratio of women to men would be something like three to one. I’ve thought the same myself and that if women truly had body sovereignty and control over reproduction as we’re supposed to that something closer to this ratio would be the case. I don’t even think anyone would have to die or that numerous steps would have to be taken. What we’re seeing now is what is unnatural. Seriously, it’s not only killing women but other species and the planet.

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