Patreon, People, and No Wire Hangers, EVERRRRRRRRR.

It’s been a little bit of a trying week for me, but I am making it. Thanks to everyone who supported me this month, I needed it, and I appreciate all of it, the thoughts, your visits with me here, the sisters that have helped me with money, the emails and all of the reminders that this will pass and I will make it through just fine. Thanks for being there.

I am working on a pretty substantial piece, I hope to have it up by Sunday. In the meantime, there are 2 items that should be noted because they are important.

Americans are getting pregnant. And when these people get pregnant, those pregnant people, who are Americans, are not getting vaccinated. Don’t pregnant Americans/people know that pregnant people need to be vaccinated? Because pregnant people are at risk of bad things.

There are also pregnant people in America who are not American, and there are Americans that are not pregnant, although, I think that they are actually people. So we have men, Americans, Americans who are pregnant, pregnant people, and non-pregnant people. There’s also breastfeeders. And that seems to cover everyone.

Moving on…..

So there’s a special people’s women’s march this weekend because people have been oppressed by people since the beginning of time. Let’s look at the official tweet from the official organization of oppressed people to see if they are demanding specific behavior from the oppressed people who are protesting…..

Well, I invite you to ignore the preemptive chastisement of female people being told that they should not bring weapons. Some fabrications are just too fucking idiotic to dispute. But why are women being told that they should not bring coat hangers or handmaid’s tale imagery? When these items are representative of the iron stranglehold that males HISterically, maniacally place on our reproductive rights?

There’s an explanation in this article………

But march organizers say the symbols serve to exclude people. The Women’s March website says that coat-hangers “reinforce the right wing talking points that self-managed abortions are dangerous, scary and harmful.” They also said that “Handmaid’s Tale” imagery characterizes the lack of women’s reproductive freedom as a “dystopian past or future” and ignores the fact that “Black women, undocumented women, incarcerated women, poor women and disabled women have always had their reproduction freedom controlled in this country.”

From above link

How do certain images that are historically linked to our protests of our forced reproductive slavery to males excluding people? Apparently, calling attention to women who have suffered severe injury or death by attempting to self abort unwanted pregnancy is a right wing view.

Also, the handmaid’s tale implies that reproductive rights were withheld from white women sometime in the past and maybe also in the future, and that protesting the male control of ALL WOMEN’S REPRODUCTIVE CAPACITY somehow focuses on only white women.

It’s a protest focusing on male ownership and control of each individual uterus and how that affects and harms all women. Who benefits? When women are not allowed to protest for their rights? At a protest about those rights? But Twitter was not having it……

Twitter also offers up the solution that would absolutely put males in their place……

…….but too many of us love the dick and refuse to give it up. Even if it would save the lives of women and girls.


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