No longer saying sorry. I am not sorry.

I was just with my closest (irl) friend, she was on a break at her job, we had eaten lunch together, and we were sitting on the front porch when a female coworker of hers sat down to join us.

My friend was telling me about some local XY had just been arrested here, in my county, for raping a girl under 11 years old. He would make this little girl watch porn and then re-enact the porn with him.

I don’t know if this is a real story, I don’t know if she had the facts straight and I am certainly not going to Google it because I don’t need to read details of yet another adult XY raping yet another little girl.

It’s not unbelievable, is it.

It’s certainly not uncommon.

She went on to say that the news coverage made a big deal about the little girl being younger than 11 years old, and she claimed that there are some places in the states wherein 11 years old is the age of consent.

Again, I don’t know, and I really don’t want to know.

But also again, this would not be surprising, would it.

We were having a conversation about age of consent laws, about how so many of our foremothers had bargained away so many rights, and had allowed males to retain domination of our existence in some ways, in order to protect little girls, and now, males are chipping away at age of consent, too.

I mentioned that the very fact that age of consent laws were needed in order to stop the mass xy raping of little girls is a sad commentary on the male existence that no one ever thinks about or mentions. And how we were counting on the rapists to enforce laws controlling their rapist brothers, we all know that women do not mass rape little boys, women do not create religions in order to force little boys into marriage with adult women, the class of women does not sexually terrorize children.

Then my friend’s coworker chimed in with this…


Male identified woman, caping for the boys because WhatAboutTheBoys.

My obviously irritated response was “of course not, of course, we can’t forget about the boys, we certainly can’t talk about girls unless we mention boys, too”.

And she came back with “well, priests in the catholic church molested hundreds of boys”, to which I replied, “yep, and everyone is so upset about the boys, no one called the boys liars, no one is lobbying to lower the age of consent so priests can legally fuck boys. Males are rapists, sometimes they rape boys, but girls are statistically much more frequently raped by males, but please do go on about how we can’t forget about the fucking boys.”

Unsurprisingly, she showed some irritation, she begrudgingly said “sorry, but I care about all of the children, not just the girls”, as she was walking back inside to escape my repugnant misandry.

And I hear this ALL OF THE FUCKING TIME and I am so fucking sick of it.

Why is it that when girls are mentioned, and the discussion taking place is about how girls are targeted by sexual terrorist XYs, there’s always ALWAYS someone to remind us that BOYS, TOO!!!

Here’s the truth, I don’t fucking care about boys. There are enough people who center boys, who cater to boys, who worry about boys, who cry endless tears for fucking boys, who worry about the hurt feelings of boys, who worry about the exclusion of boys, while a sizeable number of those boys are terrorizing the little girls around them, many times, their own sisters.

The other side of that truth is the insidious lie that is created by dick panderers of both sexes, that because I say that I don’t care about boys, that this is somehow being interpreted as me wanting to harm boys in some unspecified, yet very sinister way.

Like most women, I have never hurt a child. I have absolutely no desire to do anything untoward or damaging to any child, anywhere. Not caring is not the verbal equivalent of MURDER THEM ALL.

When we went back into the building, I had the overwhelming urge to apologize to my friend’s coworker, but you know what? I am done apologizing for centering women and girls.

My concern, my focus, my energy goes to women and girls. The boys will end up just fine. All of the fucking world will see to that.

Just like always.

Jayne ❤️

12 thoughts on “No longer saying sorry. I am not sorry.

  1. I’m particularly happy that you decided not to apologise. I’ve recently started doing the same thing, although struggle knowing that I’ve perhaps hurt someone’s feelings or made them feel bad in any way. But, I can’t apologise for being real, providing that I didn’t insult them, then there is nothing for which to apologise.

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  2. @RadfemSpiraling Holy Fork! NON-TROON men fetishize period hygeine products, including posting about it shamelessly to Reddit etc. TOO?
    Oh, stop the world. I really want off of it now… 🤢🤮

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  3. Didn’t know where to leave this info, so dropping it here:

    Look up—-Mozambique Women Brigade

    Watching news about Africa finally kicking out France and it popped up in the news stream.

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    1. It’s going to be a few days before I can get to that but holy shit, THANK YOU.

      I love to see that! I search for positive things to balance out the abysmal shit, this is a wonderful find, thanks, Wicked.

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  4. Just for the record, more girls were molested by Catholic priests than boys in the decades long (centuries long?) child molestation and rape scandal. The male victims have just gotten all of the attention to the point that people assume that the majority of victims were boys. They weren’t and they aren’t. Just to provide another log for the fire.

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    1. I just learned about the girls yesterday. I didn’t know, either. But I should have guessed.

      I am aware of priests raping nuns. There’s just so much rape committed by males, it’s difficult to track all of it, it becomes like counting snowflakes.

      Which is another aspect of the male love of rape that needs to be acknowledged and addressed.

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      1. I didn’t know this until recently either. I’m with you. I’m not apologizing any longer for calling a rapist or child molester or abuser of any stripe by their proper name.
        Yes, we all have to survive as members of the sex class and n the patriarchy and as you know I try not to criticize other women for the things they’re forced to do to survive. But I’m just done in terms of not calling out egregious abuse.

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      2. Shit. I’m sorry that I know this now. You know, I actually try not to hate men. Rather I was trying because like no longer apologizing, I’m done trying to find reasons not to hate them. Like the thread you linked said, not only is it understandable why religion was used to control them, but the pornification of society has done terrible things. Dear goddess.

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