Update on WiSpa and a short personal note.

Slate has written the best article on the WiSpa coverage, calling out liberal media for dragging a black woman by referring to her as a straight up liar and implying that black women exist as unreliable narrators because they are obviously never victims of dick, especially not the holy, white, blameless girldick. If you can, please take a moment to read it.

I am working on a personal update, but my oldest dog has taken a turn for the worse, resulting in 3 vet visits yesterday. He is doing ok right now, but it’s an hour by hour thing to deal with it, right now, in addition to the inevitable heartbreak that I know is coming. He has been my constant companion for 15 years, I know that I have got to find a way to cope with losing him, I just don’t know how to do that.


10 thoughts on “Update on WiSpa and a short personal note.

  1. “And it confirms that the woke set’s devotion to the trans cause is now so singular, so unthinking, that their instant response to an allegation of a seeming trans person victimising women is to call the women liars and to accuse them of assisting the far right. ”

    Reminds me of how anyone objecting to vaccine mandates and lockdowns — and referencing the ample evidence to back themselves up — is treated.

    I’m also so sorry about your dog. Awful timing indeed. 😦

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    1. Oh and supposedly people were stabbed in the Wi Spa protests, though reliable details that make sense are difficult to sort.
      Oh and no surprise, but the man in the female spa is a registered sex offender and he has other pending charges. It’s a good thing women who object to this are making a big deal out of nothing. I fear that only when a wife or daughter of sufficient value that it’s a property crime is harassed or assaulted will there be any truth in reporting. And even then it will be passed off as an aberration, the exception that proves the rule.

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    2. Have you heard about Justin Trudeau? He is campaigning, and his popularity is waning due to his insistence that males can become women and his resulting legislation that protects the right of males to invade/colonize women and girls, and his pro vaccine stance.

      I have seen some conversation between women, who at least have stopped referring to women (who are hesitant to take a drug created by big pharma in just a few months and backed by patriarchal systems), as anti vaxxers.

      Justin is just an asshole. Most women dislike him for his trans ideology, but those same women will run down women who don’t trust the vaccine. I don’t know how they can’t see it.

      I am fine with anyone who wants the vaccine taking it. I am fine with additional restrictions on unvaccinated people. I would much rather be tested weekly, or something, in lieu of vaccination. But nothing but complete submission to patriarchal authority will be tolerated, it seems, that is where we are headed.

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  2. I’m so sorry about your dog Jayne. They really do give us so much love and not just quantity but of a purity that I don’t think we humans ever quite manage. The timing is awful too. I wish I had more comfort to offer.

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    1. Thank you, I appreciate it.

      He has a heart issue, he has been taking medicine for it for over 2 years, the average life span for dogs with this diagnosis (it’s like fluid on their heart) is around 9 months. But he is a strong little guy.

      His kidneys started failing about a year ago. He goes to the vet every Thursday for fluids through his kidneys, and he takes medicine for it, too.

      He always coughs a little, but his cough has become really bad, constant, and it’s exhausting him. About 10 days ago, I took him to the vet about it, we tried some medicine, and by last Thursday, he was back to normal. Over the weekend, he started coughing again, so I took him in yesterday. They xrayed his lungs, and found that they had a lot of fluid in them. They also found a tumor on his spleen, the size of an orange, it’s not putting too much pressure on his abdomen, yet.

      They gave him a shot to relax the coughing, which was irritating his trachea. And a shot to get rid of the lung fluid, and upped his heart/fluid medicines for a few days. He goes in tomorrow for his fluids for his kidneys, I am having him rechecked, then.

      He is now having some mobility issues, too. Which, I would carry him everywhere, I don’t mind that.

      The fluid on his heart, if it’s let go too long, it’s very similar to drowning. I can’t do that. I can’t watch him die like that. But as long as he still has more joy than pain, I won’t end it for him. My biggest fear is that he will have horrible trouble on a weekend, when the vet is closed.

      It’s one day at a time, for now. He loves his snacks, he LOVES Vienna sausage, so he is enjoying plenty of that, along with chicken of any kind and the occasional cheeseburger.

      I know that you have older dogs, and one in somewhat bad shape, I know you understand. I have to keep reminding myself that this is the deal, I knew that when I made it. He has walked with me for so many years, he gave me so much love and joy, and companionship. He has the absolute best personality, and he is super smart. And handsome.

      So now, I have to walk the rest of the way with him. The pain is just so fucking immediate and immense, but I know from experience that eventually the pain will fade, and while it will never go away, carrying it will be worth every second of the 15 years of love and loyalty that he has given me.

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      1. How’s he doing? Yes, I do understand but more with cats than dogs until now but love and loss are love and loss. I just found out that my poor little rescue dogs were more abused than I realized when I had them into the vet for dental work.
        But Jayne, you’re right. It is worth it. They’re such loving little souls. The time we get with them is always a blessing. The timing of this just seems especially cruel. Maybe they’ll stabilize him with the fluid balance for a while longer. You’ll know if he’s completely miserable.
        As for Justin running for office and finding that the men are women nonsense isn’t working so well? Every day normal people find this ridiculous once they become aware of it. Fine, present how you want but the actual change of sex? Doesn’t happen.
        That said, I see a fair number of young girls try out non-binary presentation and the transgender possibilities at puberty. The fact that we are sex objects is really driven into their consciousness and they try and escape. I swear I’m never quite sure how I feel when I see them capitulate to a more feminine presentation. Though this is interesting, some of them deliberately keep themselves heavier than strictly allowed. Girls are aware of what’s happening even if they don’t understand it and can’t say it. I had an eleven year old girl say (unprompted and apropos of nothing) “I hate men. Well, love hate them.” Pause for thought “No, hate hate them.” It wasn’t me running my mouth about feminism either. This is a conservative region. I choose my battles and focus on the “no, you can’t be a boy. It’s messed up the way we get treated but that’s what we need to fight” message. That’s what shocked me a bit. Our girls know sexism and suffer it too. I remember from my own childhood, but we always hope our next generations are getting better than we did.


      2. Well, he had a recheck today, and he has lost 2 pounds, which is a LOT on a 20 pound dog. The doctor thinks that was mostly fluid, and I agree. Jackie still is very chubby.

        He sleeps good,he eats good, but when he is awake, he is coughing. But this afternoon, his coughing is better, he is having long breaks of NOT coughing.

        But the fluid medicine, according to the doctor, is “at the expense of his kidneys”. So now, it’s a balancing act between heart/lungs and kidneys.

        Whatever keeps him well enough to give me days, hours, I will even settle for minutes.

        He has always been a very well behaved boy, but as he has aged, he just doesn’t give a fuck about some things. Like, he now sees your plate of food, and he will mosey right on up and have a very close peek, and sometimes, a bite. I was eating something with whole wheat Ritz crackers the other day, a hear paper rustling, and look down at my lap in time to see Jackie attempting to abscond with a sleeve of Ritz. He never did those things when he was younger, but I guess now, he feels entitled. And he also knows that I will give him anything that he wants.☺️

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