XY insists that XY should be given girls/women’s sports teams

His opinion piece at the Des Moines Register is called “Can transgender females destroy girl’s sports? Here’s what the numbers, science and common sense say.

So Iowa dudebro starts with referring to boys as “female”.

But he thinks that he has the basic intellect required to discuss “numbers, science and common sense” when he can’t even tell a boy from a girl?

So how many dick draggers do you think that dudebro has accidentally dated?

Or if he is gay, how many women has he accidentally dated?

I wonder if he thinks that maybe his dad gave birth to him? From a dick?

This level of stupid is frightening. Males in powerful positions think that they can get each other pregnant, or maybe they think that they need gynecologist care?

If you don’t know what sex you are, and you can’t tell male from female, that is a level of stupid that needs a baby sitter, constant supervision. If you can’t figure out if you are male or female, or if other people are male or female, then things like doorknobs and lace up shoes are going to be an unknowable engineering marvel to these idiots.

Only cisgender females — ones who have a gender corresponding to the sex assigned at birth — can compete in girls and women’s basketball, soccer, track and other sports, as of now. Those assigned male at birth must sit out or compete in boys’ and men’s events — no matter what gender they present as or whether they’re transitioning or have transitioned to female.

Confused bro, link above

So only girls can play in girl’s sports, while boys can play with the other boys, or not play at all.

What is dudebro crying about?

No one can “transition” to being the opposite sex. You are male or female.

Many Republicans are sounding the alarm, saying transgender females threaten the very existence of sports for women and girls. Letting them participate “will do away with girls’ sports and it’s just not fair,” Gov. Kim Reynolds warned. In the Iowa House of Representatives, Orange City Republican Skyler Wheeler asserted: “This bill is not about discrimination. It’s about protection.”

Same misogynist, same link

Allowing boys to take over girl’s sports teams is exactly what will destroy OUR SPORTS. We are allowed to have our own sports teams, even if all the boys cry about it.

It’s not discrimination to tell boys that they will not be permitted to play on our teams. It is not discrimination to tell boys that they are not allowed to watch us change our clothes and shower in our own private locker rooms.

Males can ogle other males in their own locker rooms. If XY can pretend that some of them are “female”, then they can pretend that all of them are “female”. That’s my suggestion, just tell the boys to pretend that their boy’s teams are actually “female”, if they need to.

No need to share your pathetic delusions by pushing us into pretending for you, boys. Keep it to yourself.

But a more sober examination employing math, science and common sense finds that Iowans needn’t fear that legions of muscular former males will grab all the trophies and medals.

Same penis lover, same link

Oh, really?

We all know that our sports teams will end up being all male (who pretend to have the ladyfeels all up in their nasty dicks), but not one single woman or girl should be displaced by a psycho male who is lady LARPing, for fucks sake.

Then he goes into a number dump, as he desperately tries to defend his little XY brethren and assist their colonization and takeover of anything that girls and young women have for their own enjoyment and advancement, before claiming that boys have no physical advantages over girls and women.

I say “theoretical” because it’s unclear that transgender females really are physically superior to cisgender females.

Cock lover, same link

“Transgender females” are MALE.

As Dr. Jack Turban, a fellow in child and adolescent psychiatry at Stanford University School of Medicine, told public radio in May 2021, cisgender men may perform better than cisgender females, “but a cisgender man is not a transgender woman.”

LOL, whut. Same link.

Males may perform better than women and girls, but a male is a dress is not a male?

AND THIS IS A DOCTOR, LOL, I can’t stop laughing.

Males have told themselves so many mythical fairy tales about themselves and what they can do, that they now believe that a dress and a fucking purse can magically make them NOT MALE?

They can click their lady high heel shoes together while repeating “I am not a male, I am not a male, I am not a male” and not only are they still male, they are definitely not women.

Born a male, die a male, lads.

Then he goes into how California has handed all of the girl’s and women’s sports teams to the crybaby XY, and those males are not winning at female sports.

How did males sink to this level of disgustingly pathetic. Tommy is free to prioritize all of the dick that he wants to, but he needs to keep his cock centered love to just his boyfriends. We don’t want you in our activities. Forcing your way in will never change that.

Never forget, this is what XY think of us…..


5 thoughts on “XY insists that XY should be given girls/women’s sports teams

  1. Great read, Jayne! Here are a few woman-centered words I’ve adopted:

    Grass widow, my term for (transwidow) from Yiddish for deserted wife. It has been broadcast at Speaker’s Corner with Kellie Jay, spoken on YT channels besides Karen Davis’ You’re Kidding, Right? and Isabella Malbin’s Whose Body Is It, and published in the profile of me in the NY Post last October 12.

    I also promote the phrase cross-sex ideation for anything called (transgender, transsexual, trans)

    Joey Brite, of YT channel, Can I Get a Witness Voices is substituting ProReality Movement for (gender critical)

    Benji of GNC Centric YT channel has started saying re-identified woman for those like herself, who went through a period of cross-sex ideation and returned to connection with their own sexed body. for (detransitioner)

    I am deaf to the word gender. Thanks for your writing. The liberal virtue signaling of your Iowa writer is classic.
    I’ll let you know when my book is out–we are very close, Ute


  2. I hate Lia(r) Thomas’s awful smile. There is something very wrong with that guy even beyond the trans delusion. I’ve seen that expression on his face in numerous pictures and I can’t put my finger on it but it really rings my chimes.

    Your collection of quotes from trans is right on point but incredibly chilling all the same.

    I have discovered a link between GC women, even those that wouldn’t have any idea to refer to themselves as such. Women who have been raped, assaulted or beaten seem to be less confused about the concept of male and female. We know the absolute differences from bitter experience.

    An aside but I wonder if we didn’t show hundred pound women in movies and television handily wiping the floor not only with one man but with several if people might be less willing to ignore the obvious. But for some reason the reality that males hurt females and are at a distinct disadvantage physically really upsets men when women dare to mention it.

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    1. I’m glad you mentioned that about Will Thomas’ smile/eyes/face.
      His smile reminds me of when a dog grimaces before it bites. He has dead eyes too, like he’s smiling for the camera while planning how best to eat the photographer.

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  3. “Only a small minority of men go crazy when an event is advertised to be for women only — just one man tried to crash our women-only Rape Speak-Out, and only a few hid under the auditorium seats to try to spy on a women-only meeting at a NOW convention in Philadelphia. But these few are onto something their less rabid compatriots are missing. The woman-only meeting is a fundamental challenge to the structure of power.” – Marilyn Frye, 1977

    Same Shit, Different Decade, but — thanks to Big Trans ™ — no longer a “small minority.” If you can’t kick in the sand-castle or flip the game-board across the room, rewrite the rules of reality, I guess.

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