Why does no one recommend the ONLY solution.

From the New York times….

Abortion bans have been introduced in 30 states this year, according to the Guttmacher Institute, a research group that supports abortion rights. Bans have passed at least one legislative chamber in seven states: Arizona, Idaho, Wyoming, Florida, Kentucky, Oklahoma and West Virginia. They have been enacted in six of those states: Florida, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Arizona, Idaho and Wyoming.

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Everywhere, I see women saying the same things….



“Let’s start making pathways for women in red states to travel to blue states to get a needed abortion”

Why? Why are women, radical feminist women, insuring that the very class of people who are owning and controlling our bodies continue to have access to our bodies for fucking and impregnating?

I have yet to see anyone, not a single woman, say that perhaps we should be denying access for males to fuck us.

Why is the one 100% course of action to avoid pregnancy not even mentioned among us? It’s not even discussed. We only discuss how to make sure we are able to allow males endless access for fucking us.

It’s disappointing and pathetic.


26 thoughts on “Why does no one recommend the ONLY solution.

  1. I’ve been thinking about this long and hard before posting here because I think it would be the mother of all strikes and have done for a few years now.

    Going on strike on bearing children would be a related but powerful strike too. If men then threatened to just rape us or force us, we’ll that would make the power relations very clear wouldn’t it? And as painful as it would be it would force us out of denial about just how men view us.

    A poster on Ovarit mentioned the possibility of a modern Lysistrata and I and others chimed in and supported the idea and got pushback that it would be “manipulative” to threaten men like this. I pointed out that this wasn’t an individual action like a (hypothetical woman) crossing her legs until her man bought her a car or took out the garbage but collective political action by women as a class to address the many iniquities against us.

    The majority draft of the Supreme Court Draft to overturn Roe has just been leaked. Abortion is going back to the states. Now is the time for this kind of protest. At the very least we should be writing and talking and encouraging women to refuse PIV because it is no longer even nominally safe. To make it clear that we don’t have bodily sovereignty and are in effect slaves. Now is the time sisters. If we don’t own or control our own bodies and our own reproduction we truly are slaves. Women avoided intercourse a lot more pre Roe and there were very good reasons for it even beyond pregnancy. It’s time to remind women of this.

    I’ll be back to write about why so many women refuse to see this and put male penis interests above their own bodies, hearts, minds, selves and children. This is the part that made me hesitate and think because I’m bound to piss people off.

    Roe is going sisters. It really is. Holy Shit!!

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  2. “Sexism and misogyny doesn’t get a mention, either. Even when women and girls die from it.” Yes the devaluation of us is baked in from the day we emerge from the womb. I don’t know what it would take for all women to wake up to this fact and do whatever to subvert it. Centuries of murder, rape, torture and mayhem doesn’t seem to have created a wake up call.

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  3. In defence of the women who say this, they’re well aware that women who say no to men who want to use them as fuck toys don’t live happy lives. If a man won’t over power and rape his women he’ll make her life a living hell until she says “yes” to being his masturbatory aid just to have some peace and quiet.

    Having said that I can’t help but want to throttle women who think I’m a psychopath for suggesting that, in places when our XY overlords want to deny us our basic human right to bodily autonomy and subject us to a literal crime against humanity (forced pregnancy) women should refuse to have sex with their own XY overlord….er….boyfriend/husband. Even if said XY is a plumber and not a legislator he’ll be rioting in the streets to get his buddies in power to remove the abortion bans.

    The suffragettes didn’t get us the vote by asking nicely. Men think with their dicks so women need to negotiate our basic human rights with their dicks.

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    1. Exactly. To everything you have said.

      If XY couldn’t find an immediate hole for their dick, their attitude would change really quickly. But 99% of women will side with male sexual terrorism rights, even as they stand beside the pile of female bodies that males create.

      It’s sickening and I am losing patience.

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  4. Most women are completely indoctrinated into the cult of PIV. Even most radfems. They don’t understand that men and women see sex in entirely different and opposite ways. The indoctrination of girls and women into romanticising PIV is intense. I’ve certainly fallen prey to that indoctrination in the past. Why would we even do it if we weren’t heavily indoctrinated? The majority of us can’t even orgasm from PIV. . Yes, some women say they enjoy the closeness they experience with their man during PIV, but there are better ways to be close that aren’t mind-numbingly boring, demeaning, and don’t carry the risk of pregnancy and disease. In my opinion, a simple, loving caress brings a couple closer than PIV and conveys more love.

    Women truly believe their Nigel is “making love” to them. In truth, most men make hate to women. Intercourse demeans women in their eyes, and it makes us vulnerable to pregnancy and disease. Would you demean someone you love and put them at risk that way? I wouldn’t. I think most women don’t want to know the truth about how men see sex. It would hurt too much to acknowledge it, so they don’t. They just keep doing it, taking the pill, and worrying about getting pregnant in spite of the pill.

    They’re so afraid their precious Nigel will leave them if they don’t put out. To them I say, let him leave! If he only loves you when you’re providing him with PIV, he doesn’t actually love you. He’s using you as a living sex doll and you’re better off without him. Being without a man isn’t the end of the world. I’ve been single for a long, long time and I’m far happier without a man bringing me down. Of course, there are a lot of women who are financially dependent on their Nigel and can’t risk him leaving and I don’t want to get into that much right now. This already long comment would never end if I did. I’ll just say that our entire economy is designed to keep women dependent so that each man has his own living sex doll, maid, cook, and broodmare.

    Now you know how I really feel. LMAO

    And I’m not even through yet. I think another reason that radfems, even the ones who don’t engage in PIV, encourage women to have plan B and a way to get to another state for an abortion is that they know that the vast, vast majority of women will never question the need to engage in PIV and they’re at great risk. So they’re speaking for the benefit of the majority of non-feminist women.

    The other factor is the elephant in the room: rape. I haven’t had PIV in years and don’t intend to, but these abortion bans terrify me. I’m scared I’ll be raped and become pregnant with no way to terminate the pregnancy. I’m getting close to menopause, but I’m not there yet. I may even get some Plan B just in case before it becomes illegal in my crazy conservative state. I’m sure the possibility of getting pregnant from rape is the back of many women’s minds when they make these recommendations, even if they’re not quite consciously aware of it.

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    1. I agree that there’s a benefit to abortion pipelines and care for the vast majority of the female population, but opting out of PIV should be an integral part of that conversation.

      I agree with everything that you say here. I think that women will always choose to ignore how vast and imposing that male hatred of women is, it’s just too upsetting for most women who have XY that they love and prioritize, especially when it’s a son or husband.

      Males have weaponized their dick, and they use our love for them against us. And that is exactly how they want it, because they like it that way. It will never change.

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    2. A huge yes to everything you’ve said. The indoctrination is so strong though. I even still feel it sometimes myself and I’m menopausal, sick and have been celibate for decades. But I understand how strong female socialization is because I haven’t entirely overcome my own in many areas.

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  5. Also: Men don’t “love” you or are “in love” with you. That is grooming bullshit. They only love their dicks and themselves. So women’s duty is to serve them always and be fucked by them, when ever they feel like it. Our “bonus”? We are allowed to work outside the house too, but of course for lesser money and besides housework. We are not considered slaves then, are we?

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  6. They even tell you that fucking around is “empowering” for women and girls. Equal right and so. Bullshit. Please read the fantastic book from Dr. Jessica Taylor: ” Sexy but crazy.” Very good and important book.

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    1. The way that PIV is viewed on a personal level is enough to put most sane women off it.

      Tear it up. Fuck her so hard she can’t walk. Fuck her up. Ram her. Hit that. And a million others.

      Recently, I read from a woman who was speaking to a Russian male, and she was talking about a woman fucking a male, and he was confused, he couldn’t understand what she was talking about. It turns out that in his native language, that it’s an impossibility for a woman to enact fucking onto a male. PIV is an action that only a male can do, in his mind, it made no sense to say that a woman has fucked a male because she is not capable, only a male can fuck a woman.

      Sex is not something that males do WITH us, sex is something that they do TO us. That is their patriarchal rule.

      And getting fucked is demeaning, it’s devaluing, it’s being an object of domination and humiliation, and that is why XYs LIKE IT.

      So no. I am not interested in being fucked. No thanks.

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      1. I agree totally. They also use the word “fuck you” as a threat as well as a swearing. That actually explains everything. Please read the book from Jessica Taylor. It is a new eyeopener into all the patriarchal craziness, which then is inverted and projected onto “crazy” females.

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  7. Exactly! The level of brainwashing done by the patriarchy with respect to women’s number one job (ever in service to the dick) seems to rule out even considering the easiest, most readily available option. I don’t think many women are capable of even considering this a viable option. Personally, I find it the best one. Quitting that job was something I never regretted. There are other options besides the one’s that preserve male access.

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    1. Males have structured their entire society based on us being made available to them in various capacities as a fuckhole. We have no value at all in patriarchal society if we are not available for some version of on demand fucking.

      That is generally agreed upon by radical feminist analysis.

      I don’t expect any woman to stop fucking her special XY. But it’s increasingly frustrating that I am run down by radical feminist women who refuse to even discuss opting out of PIV and begin telling me that I am using my “pussy power” to unman the poor, poor XY.

      It’s despairing to me. Women are free to discuss it with me, argue it with me, explain why servicing dick is so important to them, but they denigrate me, instead.

      I just read a story out of Georgia about a 12 year old girl that has been impregnated via rape from one of her XY relatives. Personally, I think that it would be a revolutionary act of solidarity for women in Georgia to stop allowing their XY to fuck them in solidarity with that young girl, if not every woman in the states. Males do this daily. A PIV strike would very likely put a stop to that.

      But you know. Some males are so special, and it’s not fair to expect women to stop “making love” with their super special XY, because women love servicing their special male, and he might leave them if she doesn’t fuck him on demand, and she just doesn’t want to give up that sweet, sweet dick, I guess. I am just guessing, here, because women don’t ever really explain why PIV is so centered for them, they just tell me that my stance is wrong because reasons. Like I am crazy, or stupid, or unmanning all of the XY that I am not fucking.

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      1. “Making Love” 😂 one of those lovely euphemisms to simply conceal the reality of the expectation that you be accessed 24/7 on their whim. Like a service station. “Pusey Power” is just another gaslighting joke xys tell us so we’ll cooperate with the whole patriarchal schtick.

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      2. Did you see where the press secretary literally broke down in tears over the Florida legislation that is being referred to as the “don’t say gay” bill, which basically says that educators can’t hide “transition” from parents?

        She said that she couldn’t help being emotional over the kids.

        Yet, the little girls that are raped, even the ones that are impregnated by their rapists, don’t warrant a mention. No one thinks about them, at all.

        Sexism and misogyny doesn’t get a mention, either. Even when women and girls die from it.

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      3. Yup. I just sit down exasperated, facepalm and shake my head when I read those comments from women… Crazy.. May be many of them are subconsciously afraid of challenging the XY “birthright” to invade women’s bodies.

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      4. A sec strike came up on Ovarit recently. More women than I thought were on board at least in theory but there were still a few who were willfully obtuse and refused to analyze it except as a manipulation of an individual male. Sigh.

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      5. Well, they are too busy discussing what patriarchal politician will save them, and exactly how males should be allowed to show direct ownership over their bodies.

        I have had it with this nonsense.

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      6. I’m pretty much right there with you Jayne and as you know, I try not to pile on to male identified women because we ALL get the female brainwashing. That said, it does irk me when women refuse to see that this, not just abortion but bodily sovereignty, owning our own bodies, control over reproduction as nature clearly intended, the lack of these things means that we are slaves. In our current moment we’re being reminded of that on just about every front and now they’re coming for the big stuff.

        I understand that varying levels of denial and delusion are necessary sometimes to even get through the day in the patriarchy, but refusing to even entertain the idea that our bodies are ours and reproduction is ours to control just floors me. Because to me, this is the heart of the matter. All other misogyny either flies from or is in service to this basic fact: men want to control our reproduction and our bodies.

        The worst of it? I’m starting to think that their control has been so successful that they’ve actually managed to fuck up the natural order of things. And it’s been so long that women can’t even remember what normal is.

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      7. Earlier, I saw a woman say that we are powerless.

        How can any one of us think that?

        We hold all of the fucking power. We refuse to use it, though, partially out of fear of XY retaliation and partly out of wanting to service our special male and not upset our precious XY with our liberation.


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