SHero. She is a Queen.

This story is from back in March, but still well worth reading…..

Ha Thi N, a 36 year old woman and mother of a 15 year old daughter, had confronted her 29 year old husband about sexually terrorizing her 15 year old daughter. Of course, he denied the truth because he wanted to be able to continue his sexual violence on the 15 year old girl trapped in her house with him, a rapist.

He underestimated Ha Thi N.

She set up cameras and caught him in the act, which is just astounding. He could have gotten away with his rape and terrorism up to that point, but he was so sure that there would be no consequences, that he continued on as he always had, raping, terrorizing, harassing, and stalking.

On March 18, Ha caught video evidence of the crime being committed, and retaliated.

Link above, from Reduxx

Did she “retaliate”?

Or was she protecting her daughter (and really any woman or girl who would ever come into contact with this rapist) from a rapist?

The hospital reports that the wound was “extremely complex” with Nguyen having no remaining penis, severed testicles, and a flayed section of flesh on his belly.

Link above, from Reduxx

She took everything.


Police were unable to locate Nguyen’s penis, so reconstruction could not occur. Instead, surgeons closed the wounds and created a urethral flap through which he could urinate.

Link above, from Reduxx

The lawyer also said that if police determine the abuse had taken place in a manner consistent with Ha’s claims, her culpability for the crime may be reduced. She is currently in temporary detainment while the investigation continues.

Link above, from Reduxx

What crime did she commit? She did what patriarchal systems refuse to do, she insured that an XY who enjoyed raping and terrorizing a girl with his nasty dick can never do it again.

She is a fucking SHERO.

Why is it a crime to disarm a fucking terrorist?

In this link (that was included in the Reduxx article) had this comment….

The same article refers to the penisless rapist as “her” in the final paragraph and references Ha Thi N as cutting her husband’s “vagina”. (I translated that article from Vietnamese to English, but it appears to be referencing the same old misogynist trope that dickless=female.)

Additionally, another link in the reduxx article originally made this false claim….

“The couple had previously experienced many marital conflicts and they dealt with them satisfactorily,” according to local authorities.

“But this morning they fell again into disagreement, which led to N.’s act of offense.”

Link directly above

…as if this rapist choosing to repeatedly rape a 15 year old girl is just a “disagreement”.

Is it an “act of offense” to disarm a terrorist?

We are not allowed to remove the weapon from the attacker?

There’s a reason this Queen removed the weapon herself. Males fail “protection” EVERY SINGLE TIME. Males love dick, their systems love rape, and their governments, media, and other systems will protect his weapon and his right to sexually terrorize women and girls at all costs.

Ha Thi N is not a criminal. She is a SHERO.


7 thoughts on “SHero. She is a Queen.

  1. I’m sorry this XY did this to her daughter. I’m delighted that she detached and dispatched his member in short order. I hope she does not suffer more for her truly excellent remedy.

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      1. Oh, she sure is! If I was unaware of how much of a hot mess the prison system in Vietnam is, I would be trying to get some kind of memento/gift t to her…
        I feel that I should at least try to keep track of her case, though. I don’t know how patriarchal the legal system there is, but I do know that often crimes such as attempted drug trafficking attract a capital punishment – so who knows how this poor woman might be sentenced?

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      2. I can’t find anything else on her, but she disarmed this rapist back in March, so it’s likely that she hasn’t gone to court, yet. I will keep looking, though.

        I know that you will agree with me, she should be set free. She disarmed a rapist. Permanently. She should have a holiday in her name.

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