Her Name is Diane Craig.

Let’s meet Diane Craig, and see what her family says about her…

…her cousin Roshuanda Boss said, “Diane was a wonderful person. She was so full of life.”

“She definitely did not deserve this,” Boss continued. “Our family is hurting.”

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“Diane is her name but that’s Bubbles. That’s what we call her, that’s Bubbles. She was like the life of the room,” said another loved one, Shontae Vinson.

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Diane Craig was 41 years old when she got onto a city bus in Phoenix City, Arizona early in the morning on May 6th.

She was found at around 8 a.m., on the bus, unresponsive, and later died at the hospital.


How does a woman get onto a city bus and end up dead of internal decapitation?

I think that we all know that answer…

A white XY, of course.

(I almost posted his picture here, but fuck him, we all know what a murderous xy looks like.)

Police say Craig boarded the bus with Bagley. The driver told investigators the two were the only passengers on his bus, saying they sat close to each other in the back.

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So the driver said that “they sat close to each other in the back”.

Does anyone believe that story of equitable action?

I don’t.

He said he heard them making noise in the back, but didn’t think twice about it.

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mALEs aRe ThE grEaT pRoTecToRs, tHo.

So genius dick dragger bus driver sees a mid 20s penis haver get onto a bus at the same time as a early 40s black woman and doesn’t find it odd that he follows her to the back of an empty bus? To sit beside her?

Yet another example of MILLIONS that males will not protect us from other males. Males are unable to see past their nasty dicks.

And then, when he heard them “making noise”, he refused to look at the murder happening?

(Even males in male systems that specifically provide “protection” routinely rape and kill women, like police and military forces, even when groups of XY were formed to “protect” women specifically, they failed to “rescue” even one woman, most likely choosing to join in with their brothers enacting the very male terrorism that they were supposed to prevent.)

Is any woman surprised.

At some point, murderer XY moves to the front of the bus, presumably after he murdered Diane Craig, so that he could be closer to his dick dragging, bus driving bro so they could both pretend that everything was fine. Which I guess it was fine. For males, it always is.

The bus driver stops at a gas station and gets off the bus, when he comes back, he notices his murderer boyfriend has also gotten off of the bus. This is when the driver notices Diane Craig, dying in the back of the bus.

Surveillance footage from the bus reportedly shows Bagley taking straps from Craig’s bag and wrapping them around the woman’s neck, twisting them repeatedly, before pushing her down to the floor.

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But the bus driver never noticed a thing, y’all.

Officials say that after Craig was left unconscious, Bagley went into her bag and removed items before exiting the bus.

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So he stole from her after he strangled her to death.

Court documents show, on May 1, he was booked into the Maricopa County Jail, but released on May 3, three days before allegedly assaulting and killing Craig.

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Interestingly, the reason for this particular arrest has been left out.

And I bet we can all guess why.


10 thoughts on “Her Name is Diane Craig.

    1. I am OK with the use of “internal decapitation” here, for a few reasons, one being that the word “strangulation” was used several times, and it was included in the headline.

      Additionally, while a male can murder a woman by strangulation, and they frequently do, not all of them internally decapitate the woman that he is murdering. Males murdering women is always abhorrent, males strangling women is terrible, but there is something extraordinary in a male that decapitates a woman while he is strangling her. He could have just strangled her, and ended her life, but he was so evil that he either separated her skull from her spine or severed her spine in the act. He took the disgusting act of murdering her for no reason to another awful, almost unimaginable level.

      This is just my take on it, and I absolutely understand your point.

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  1. I’m adding this Tiptree quote because I think it applies to our current situation.

    “Women have no rights except what men allow us. Men are more aggressive and powerful and they run the world. When the next real crisis upsets them, our so-called rights will vanish. We’ll be back where we always were: property. And whatever has gone wrong will be blamed on our freedom.”

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  2. In England they have a new “mental illness” now. It is called: “Battered wife Syndrom”. It means, that women who have been battered, raped and abused are now named as the crazy ones. Oh no, never the real crazy batterer and rapist and killer. The victims are called ill and “crazy” now. Yes, I also hate all those exponents of the killer-race: MEN. Even doctors and psychiatrists side with the perpetraters. It is absolutely sickening.

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  3. As to equitable actions? Since Diane ended up dead I’m thinking not so equitable.

    My take is pretty much the same as yours. The bus driver looked the other way when dickhead started harassing Diane thinking to protect the guy’s right to harass and rape. Ho ho ho, big fun letting that happen and maybe a vicarious thrill for him. Then when things got serious with the strangulation bus driver dude was probably a coward about it. To protect he would have had to actually take a risk. Though I bet on a public bus he has some sort of silent alarm system or his radio or his fucking phone. He did nothing and it could be legally argued that he had a duty of care since Diane paid to ride the bus. Safety is one of the services being provided. I could build a legal argument before even researching to see what precedents exist.

    I don’t for one minute believe that he noticed or heard nothing. For starters even before the internal decapitation, an injury usually associated with severe car accidents, I’m betting Diane called out for help. Even strangling a person doesn’t happen by accident and takes longer than generally believed. The victim would thrash and make noise. The entire story has holes in it large enough to drive that bus through.

    The footage I would like to see? I wonder if there is a camera on the driver. With the rest of the bus wired and our litigious society it would stand to reason. I would like to see the footage of the driver. I very much doubt that he never reacted at all to a violent murder happening on his bus. I think the way the story is being told is to protect the driver or more to the point the bus company.

    That poor, poor woman. RIP Diane.

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    1. I hope her family sues the bus company from here to eternity. And I would be fine if some XY strangled the bus driver, preferably with a bunch of other males, standing around, pretending to see nothing.

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    1. I watched that video, it’s really unbelievable.

      He had 2 women on the ground, had his knee in the oldest one’s neck, because they dared to wave their arms at him? While they were on foot? And he was in a fucking vehicle?

      But the potential jury would likely find the women to be a threat to the ape male? Who had 2 of them on the ground?

      Women walking around free are so scary to dainty xy that they will put multiple women on the ground for talking back. I guess we should be happy that he didn’t shoot the 3 women, since he was in such fear of his life, lol, males are a fucking repulsive joke. But he is an off duty cop, so let’s all just be thankful that he wasn’t scared enough to rape them.

      Just unfuckingbelievable.

      I didn’t see the story about the 70 year old woman, but I am not surprised to hear it. And I hate males. That’s all.

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