Brave and Stunning Mass Shooter…

This video has been cross-posted to my radfemspiraling Odysee channel, but since Odysee has some issues, I am happy to post the same video here (as long as it is under 5 minutes, that is the WordPress limitation on video content)…

…and here is the link to the article that I referenced.

Jayne ❤️

6 thoughts on “Brave and Stunning Mass Shooter…

  1. Nancy, I agree with you that most men reject this crap right out of hand. Why wouldn’t they? The problem as I see it is that enough prominent men, men who run things such as Academia and social media buy into postmodernism and it’s fren-fren transgenderism. It’s all a part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It’s chilling.

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  2. The way that your more prominent AGPs have been denying any affiliation with the prick all over social media has me convinced that they can see the budding Troon – oh, whoops I meant to say “Egg” that this guy is. I can’t believe that his dad’s claiming that he’s somehow “not culpable”. Actually, of course I can. They’re both misogynist cretins in all likelihood. Junior there’s just more unhinged.

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    1. His dad kills me.

      Males can never take responsibility for their own actions.

      I didn’t know that, if your criminal record or whatever keeps him from getting a gun, that he can get a “cosigner”??? What fucking sense does that make??? The xy ignorant arrogance is fucking endless.

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  3. Jayne, I’m with you on this. In fact, I was the commenter on Diana’s article who first pointed this out. It’s patently obvious to me or to anyone who’s paying attention that this guy isn’t wearing a “disguise.” This guy is “transgender,” either secretly or openly. The clothes, the hair, the accessories, everything about him says, in the words of that old Rodgers & Hammerstein song “I enjoy being a girl!”

    The question is why this stunning fact was zip-lipped by the mainstream media. Why are we being lied to about the true motives of this mentally deranged autogynephile? Does the fact some untold, but significant number of guys in high heels and dresses have the potential to kill…. Does that fact threaten the lie spread by the “transgender” activist lobby that men in dresses are harmless “women?” I’m sure it does. And that’s all the more reason to shout down from the roof tops that men who pretend to be women should be barred from the safe spaces of women and girls. Barred now, and barred forever.

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    1. Hi, Nancy, thank you for visiting and for commenting. At the time I made this video, your comment was the only one up (along with Diana’s response to it), but I try very hard to not say the name of commenters that I quote, except for very specific circumstances. Thanks for owning your words, it’s brave, it’s a revolutionary act and I appreciate it.

      Even though your questions are likely rhetorical (it’s difficult to tell the tone of written words, sometimes), my personal observations are just that males lie. They lie to cover their intentions and their chosen acts of violence in order to obscure the truth. For just one example, I read recently that female sexual offenses in the UK had more than doubled overnight when one of the women tracking it claimed that suddenly males in skirt-go-spinny had been counted as “female” sex offenders. The lie that males have been spouting forever, that “women are just as bad” is being made “true” by male deception and counting male crimes as being done by “female” dick draggers.

      There are many ways males are using troons to benefit themselves at our expense, all of them are INTENTIONAL and with MALICE and forethought. None of it is an accident and it is all proceeding exactly as males want it to proceed. Until we all can understand and accept that fact, we will get nowhere. We can’t change what we refuse to acknowledge. Just my 2 cents.

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      1. Yes. It’s a dystopian state of affairs when crimes committed by men are attributed to women. And women’s medical statistics are also being corrupted by men in dresses.

        But I don’t believe all males or even most males here in the US support the “trans” agenda. I believe it’s a subgroup of males, and I’ll tell you why. I live in the American South. All the men I know right now (my husband and the contractors renovating my house), hate this “trans” garbage every bit as much as the women I know.

        I’ve had many discussions with these men as they worked. They don’t feel personally threatened by the “trans” agenda in the way that a woman would, and no one would expect them to. But these men still completely reject all things “trans” as dangerous and ridiculous woke nonsense that threatens the well being of the women and children in their lives, as well as the whole society, the whole country. They see nothing positive about this, only negatives.

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