Objectification 2: Rape Edition

My first post on objectification focused on purity. This idea of purity (or virginity, virtue, etc.) that males created out of nothing but their feeble little brains is a core tenet in woman as object. In patriarchy, males are the only human, and everyone/everything else is in existence only to serve them in whatever capacity they demand. 

Sexual access to women is imperative to males, and they secure this in multiple ways. Rape is one of these methods. 

Rape is a sexual act that a male/males force a woman to do, either with physical force and/or coercion. Porn and prostitution are rape. Money is the force/coercion. A woman that needs money to survive and gets that money from having sex has been raped. If it were consensual, then money would not have been exchanged. Porn and prostitution normalize rape, and perpetuate rape culture. 

Here’s the most important thing to understand about rape. Males love rape. Love it. Males have built rape into their systems of power. 

The majority of rapes go unreported due to how the male culture defends the male rapist while blaming the victim. Patriarchal society never blames the rapist for raping, but always blames the woman. The first questions asked of a rape victim is what were you wearing? How much did you drink? Why did you go there? The list of questions are pretty endless, but they all amount to the one question that is actually being asked, which is “what did you do to cause a male to rape you?”

And the police, which is the first male system that protects the rapist, reinforce the blaming the victim narrative. The primary goal of the police department is to essentially scare the raped woman into silence. 

That is one of the most major mistakes that we make, as women. The police department is not there to protect us and we believe that lie to our own detriment. Its sole purpose is to protect males.

When a male is a victim of another male, in a robbery, for an example, the police don’t ask the male victim “why did you have money in your wallet?” or “why were you walking alone, after dark?” It is assumed that when a male is a crime victim of another male, that the crime actually happened and that the male victim is to be assisted.

There are 2 main reasons for this. The first is that males are viewed as people, unlike women, who are viewed as objects. Secondly, males are automatically believed because of their humanity. Males have spent a very long time creating the cultural norm of “unreliable narrator” when it comes to women. Patriarchy claims that women can’t be believed for a variety of reasons  (she’s hysterical, angry, etc.). Which is why a raped woman has to have male witnesses to their rape, in some cultures.

If a woman is especially determined to press charges against her rapist, the court system is the next male system of power that criminalizes her while protecting the male. If the court was actually interested in finding out if a male actually committed rape, it seems like the male would be closely scrutinized. Has he been accused of rape before? Does he have violent porn on his computer? Does he have a history of past violence? 

These types of questions would be asked if the male legal system actually wanted to stop rape. But instead we have the reverse, in which the woman is on trial. And this serves the actual purpose of male power, which is to frighten women into shutting up.

And in the cases where a male is proven to be a rapist, the male legal system will still protect him. Most rapists never see the inside of a jail cell. Judges are very lenient with rapists. Brock Turner’s judge didn’t want his life to be ruined (the judge didn’t care about how his victim is affected), and his father referred to the rape as “20 minutes of action.”

This is part of sexual objectification. Women are seen as objects that exist to please male boners. We are just a grouping of holes for males to stick their dick into and they don’t need our consent to do it. Not really. 

If males wanted to stop rape, then it would be stopped. Males that want to stop rape don’t spend time explaining to women how to avoid being raped, they make rapey males stop raping. This is classic male reversal and manipulation. Males rape because they irrationally cannot control their erections and yet, it’s never their fault. It is somehow our fault.

This is the exemplary reasoning of the superior males, lol. Part of the patriarchal narrative is that women are weaker than males. But another part of that narrative is that women are supposed to be able to make violent males somehow cease the violence. Male logicks!!

Males rape us because they want to and their systems protect them, so that they can continue to rape. The evidence for this is blindingly obvious. Rape is just one more facet of how we are viewed as objects that exist only for male service. 

6 thoughts on “Objectification 2: Rape Edition

  1. In Spain, now’s the trial against five agents of the Guardia Civil (paramilitary police) on leave who raped a woman in the Sanfermines of 2016. They met the girl by chance, started talking, and offered to accompany her to her car. Three of them tried to get a room in a hotel for all six, without the girl knowing,but they couldn’t as the hotel had a fixed list of clients and they weren’t booked. Then they sneaked into an apartment block and raped her in the parlour, all of them. They filmed the whole action. After that, they took away the cell phone of the girl and got rid of the phone card. They left the building and then sent the video of the rape through Whatsapp, in a group called La Manada (The Pack). One of the members answered back: “you motherfuckers, how I envy you”.
    The strategy of the defence is, literally and explicitly, to get the absolution for the defendants by transferring responsibility from the victimizers to the victim.
    A couple of links (in Spanish) about that:



    I’ll look for better links if I have to, I mean if this is of any interest to you or to anybody.

    Also, reading a compilation of articles by the prominent Spanish feminist activist Lidia Falcón, I remember her citing a similar case in the 90s. The judge ruled that the victim should be grateful for the attention paid her by the gentlemen, as her tits were so small.

    As for who I am, I’ve got right now one post in FC as Xavi (the same name as here) and I still haven’t earned the torrent of abuse I unquestionably deserve, so I guess I’ll have to keep on trying. So far I’ve read six or seven entries of radfemspiraling and I like them a lot, so I’ll keep entering your blog with some frequency for the next few days, if you don’t mind.


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  2. I approve everyone from FC so that their comments appear immediately after the first one. Thanks for reading and for commenting. Please know that you are welcome anytime.

    They offered to walk her to her car. You know, I just read somewhere online recently a post by a male that was talking the usual bullshit about how males will protect ladies from other males, and that it is NATURE. And he specifically used the car example, and about how women should always accept a male offer to walk us to our car.

    And of COURSE he didn’t mention that the guy walking you to your car might end up fucking raping you.

    And about the second case that you mention, about the girl with the “small tits”. I can’t even form a response to that fucking shit. Males refuse to hear anything that we say because it gets in the way of what they want. And in this case, we see that what they love and protect is rape. They want it, so they insure that they can do it.

    And your 2 examples are further victimisation of the victim. I really think that when rapists go to “trial” that it is like porn for males. They love victimizing women, the rape is the first violation, and the second is the trial. At trial, they continue to terrorize, threaten and intimidate the woman, and it is on purpose, because they enjoy that, too. It gives them a boner. And the boner is the most important thing.

    And the boner worship is global. Males are fucking disgusting. My heart breaks for all of us.

    Solidarity to you, sister. I am glad to see you.


  3. I am surprised. I can usually tell a man, even just from reading a post.

    You are still welcome. I will always welcome an ally.

    I have to tell you, I have never heard a male speak about rape the way that you did in your post. That is surprising. In a good way.


  4. Belated thanks a lot for the welcome and more on the same.

    The guardias civiles (“civil guards”, military police) responsible for the crime are from Sevilla and the Sanfermines are celebrated in Pamplona, this means they crossed the whole Spain from south to north. ‘The Pack’ was a Whatsapp group with 21 members and before the trip began the clear will was expressed of bringing drugs (for the victims, it’s understood) and “getting started as a wolf” by committing some rapes. The photographs and names of the five perpetrators have been, and still continue to be, spread through the internet; if you type “violadores sanfermines” on google images, the first image you see is a picture of them five. They have asked for this to stop, and the answer has been “the don’t understand that no means no and neither do we”. But the fact that the actual rapists were those five, and not any other set of five from ‘The Pack’, is purely accidental and so it’s the whole 21 whose photos and names should be spread.

    Those whatsapp messages prior to the trip have been refused as evidence in the trial (not so the whatsapp messages from the rape to the arrest). On the other hand, one of the guardias civiles hired a company of private detectives to spy on the girl. They have found that she left messages on her social networks after the raping, and the argument is: therefore she wasn’t traumatized, therefore it wasn’t rape. She was penetrated in three holes by the five of them and later found crying on a bench. Also, she has had to suffer a four hour questioning and watch the video of the action.

    Up to now, I’ve only found radfem sites in the English speaking sphere, but they are largely disconnected from Mediterranean affairs.

    Regarding conclusions about men in general, Spain is showing a tiny part of its true colours as a dictatorship in disguise, and the police are the dogs of the system, same as the military. This means that the worst in terms of sexism and fascism can be found there. In other words, they are 90% cocoa chocolate, men with concentrated manhood. Not that we others don’t have also a “virtus homitiva” that makes us assholes, but those guys are rather enhanced versions.

    I might announce the outcome of the trial here when the sentence is spoken.

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    1. I am very interested in the outcome. I just mentioned this case in a comment on FC, but I couldn’t remember the country. I said that I thought it was Brazil, not Spain.

      If you want to write about this, I would post it here, as credited to you.

      I have quite a few readers but not a lot of commenters (although some of them may be hate reading me).

      I am always interested in the stories of women everywhere. We deserve to have our stories told and to have people hear them.

      I am not surprised at the lack of radfem sites. Even English speaking ones are not all that common. Living our shared reality is difficult enough without constantly acknowledging and fighting it.


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