Male Sexual Violence Rights Continue to make Gains

I wrote my last post about the Wi Spa and a group of women who were angry about the penis invading their female spaces at the spa, so now, it’s time to look at the reaction to these women and their rightful demand that penis be prevented from taking over their private spaces.

Let’s start with LA Mag, who wrote this piece about the event, citing a “pro trump conservative” as a person that posted the video, as if this is a Right wing, conservative view, willfully ignoring the hundreds of women who posted about it. Here’s what the article says about another male, whom they refer to as “she”, in another spa, bolding is mine……..

As it happens, Wi Spa isn’t the only similar space that’s had to balance accommodating both cis customers and trans customers in various stages of their transitions. A rep for Century Day and Night Spa on Olympic Boulevard recalls a similar situation just before the pandemic shut them down in spring 2020 in which a trans woman (“with everything reflected female on her driver’s license”) caused an uproar among cis gender female clients by exposing male genitals in the female pools and lockers. “[She] wouldn’t really use the spas, [she] just sat at the corner of the pool with [her] feet in the water and [her] legs spread or took front-facing showers,” the rep recalls. “People began to feel uncomfortable. It became very disruptive.” When the spa finally confronted her, she was adamant that the spa should attempt to normalize young girls and women viewing male genitalia.

Let’s talk about this section……

When the spa finally confronted her, she was adamant that the spa should attempt to normalize young girls and women viewing male genitalia.


That is male power in action. Having the media refer to your perverted male ass as “she”, while demanding that a spa normalize male sexual terrorism.

This black male wrote a piece at the daily dot repeatedly referring to all of the women who were complaining as “transphobic” while taking a very kind view towards “wokebro willy”, the white male that steps up to educate the uppity Women……

The man asks her if the person in question is a transgender person. Another transphobic woman joins the conversation and asks the man what would happen if a person with breasts and a vagina went into the men’s section. He says he would not be offended.

Again, just wow.

I don’t believe that all males would openly welcome women into their private areas, but even if some of the males are ok with that, well, OF COURSE THEY ARE. Women don’t rape males. Women don’t rule with a matriarchy that abuses, owns, controls, rapes, routinely murders, and dismisses males.

Males have no fear of women and girls. They can very easily remove us from all of fucking society, just like they have done previously, in the not-so-distant past.

Just like they are doing now.

Males have turned their penis into a weapon. Males chose to do that. When a male shows his dick at a woman or girl, it is a threat because THAT IS HOW HE HAS ALWAYS INTENDED IT TO BE.

Males are not allowed to show their penis at us for this reason. And if he shows it to you, he is threatening you.

This is male supremacy in action. This is male power in action. This is RAPE CULTURE in action. And the fact that the males in the spa all stood around, smirking, with their arms crossed, shows that males are not concerned with this sexual terrorism, at all.

Except for this guy, who stood up for male sexual terrorism rights………..

Patriarchy is not going to protect women. Patriarchy exists to do one thing, to advantage males off our backs.

Petitioning male government will never free us. The same courts that uphold rape, porn and prostitution as protected male rights will never protect women from enacting those types of rights. Patriarchy exists to protect those male rights.

This is why states continue to put rapist males into female prisons, knowing that males will rape the trapped women, with New Jersey being the latest state that sees the female inmates in Washington state and California being raped by the male offenders, and New Jersey said “let’s reward our male criminals with a pool of women to rape, too! And call the women bigots for trying to avoid rape!”

Males love rape, and while in the past, they have only ignored it, male government has moved on to rewarding male criminals with trapped women to rape. And the same government is advancing male sexual terrorism rights into all of our private spaces.

And male media ignores our voices when reporting it, falsely referring to males as a class of women, and spinning our protests as bigotry and transphobia.


5 thoughts on “Male Sexual Violence Rights Continue to make Gains

  1. Although I mostly agree with you, I don’t believe that males have the power to “turn their penises into weapons.” Women allow themselves to be awed, ruled, scared, etc. of 1.5 oz. of turkey neck & gizzards. Most of all, though, women harm other women by the endless pretense of pretending to like a dick in them — & in also even providing the porno audio to go with this fakery.

    Also, there are out-of-the-box solutions to the tranny problem, but it would require women to stop shrieking about their victimhood & actually *do* something (so, it will never happen). Women still prefer to marry (i.e. be prostitutes) than to be full human beings. Too bad all of us have to suffer the consequences of what lemmings have wrought.


  2. This pisses me off so much. It’s so obviously wrong and everyone is drinking the koolaid anyway. And they are taking away our right to object to it. It makes me sick.

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    1. I am angry, too.

      And honestly, sometimes, I wonder why I give a shit. I am almost as angry with women, at this point, for ignoring the obvious, which is it has never worked to beg a rapist to stop raping.

      We have been protesting this, males are routinely silencing us, and they are continuing to legislate us out of public life and back into the home. And when women like me point it out, we are either ignored or told that begging males is the only option. These same women will reference patriarchy while in the next breath, they talk about participating in it, as if it is going to do the one thing that it will never do, by design.

      I am married to a man and I don’t have kids, so, at some point, I will die and rest peacefully because I didn’t have daughters. I am protected by a het marriage. I am horrified at how women say their daughters are being treated, and how powerless they feel.

      This mostly comes down to women believing that some males are WONDERFUL, and that comes down to, mostly, sons. They can’t accept that males are mostly a hive mind and lack the ability to care about us, as a class, even if they may want to. If they even want to care is largely debatable.

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  3. The media, sans comment sections makes it appear most people accept this shit. Most people, including most males do NOT accept this shit. The “prevailing ideology” of any time is that of its ruling class and not the masses. One of the ways this is made terroristic is by suggesting through the media (propaganda) that this is widely accepted. It is simply one more form of propaganda technique.

    The SCOTUS refused to review a tranny case of that stupid twat “Gavin” Grim so it still stands in our circuit of federal court that giving bathrooms to trannies for themselves isn’t enough. As I said years ago, the “conservative” SCOTUS which is even more loaded “conservative” is absolutely going to deliver to trannies (useful idiots for big pharm/med industrial complex who are the REAL beneficiaries) everything “they” want. The fact that this is being done in schools is all about the ruling class SINGLE PARTY of corporate whore/pimp representatives stealing MORE public money by defunding schools who will “not cooperate” with this shit. Public schools get near one trillion (twelve zeros) in tax dollars from all levies. The right endlessly pushes “school choice” as the solution to the racist CRT and to a lesser degree about trannyism (because trannyism depends, after all, on the conservative strict gender roles assigned to males/females) as the “solution” to the “left” problem. As if this shit-hole country has a “left”, lmfao. PRIVATIZATION using PUBLIC MONEY is what this is all about.

    It benefits the ruling class to control women, and especially those who are not part of the bourgeoisie. Wage slaves are still slaves and to have a population of slaves women must be forced to birth more slaves and cannon fodder and children of slaves raised by their slave parents to accept their slavery. We are all property to be disposed of as the ruling class sees fit. The fact that even male children don’t matter should make this glaringly obvious. IT and EVERYTHING ELSE is ALWAYS about money and power.

    As for the male in the spa? I am an Italian woman and I never put into writing or speak aloud to anyone what I would do about that problem on an INDIVIDUAL level.

    I suggest to women that they de-Western-brainwash themselves about socialism. The West’s greatest fear is the takeover by the proles so they’ve relentlessly lied about socialism to us from cradle to grave. I do wish people would get that EVERYTHING they’ve been told in this society has been a fucking lie and trannyism is simply the latest iteration. If this epic moronic idiocy can be pushed as though it is “normal” without batting a fucking eyelash I strongly suggest applying this observation to everything else you’ve ever been taught or told. The only way forward is for the proles to take over and get rid of their owners.

    I am STILL awaiting to hear whether or not I overcame summary judgement in my own case in federal court. The STATE has been terrorizing my family for over a decade and I filed for habeas the day I was put in jail. 20 months now. I had 2.5 weeks to prepare a defense I didn’t even know I had to do. Because rules for court, like everything else are made-up (discretionary) as they go. Cosby is RICH and the case is DIVISIVE and happened WELL AFTER I was terrorized by the state and yet here I STILL AM while he’s getting OUT. I am in the SAME circuit system as “Gavin” TIF. I am only at the preliminary stage in district court! Not even at circuit level yet and have no hearing/trial date set! This is the STATE. My husband was also victimized right along with me since he didn’t “shut me up” and also didn’t put up with state bullshit. They were gunning for me as a “white woman” who didn’t put up with black male bullshit and white male bullshit. But was it really about that, or is it just a tool? It’s a TOOL. Those males are also useful idiots for division via ruling class use of the STATE to put people who don’t bow down to IT into prison.

    I hope women start getting this shit. Feminism is bourgeois. Female emancipation is only possible with economic equality that is only possible under socialism (Marxist socialism). I discovered all of this through strict observation while being subjected to state terrorism. I am still subjected to it. As are we ALL. It is just being OBSCURED through divisive fires such as trannyism or CRT or….pick a topic.

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    1. I agree with most of what you say here, as usual.

      My only differing opinion is about socialism, which is probably a fine way of running things, but no matter what system we have, it absolutely cannot be run by males. Males are destruction and death in a bodily form, and when they run societies, through thousands of years, they make literally everything about their dick. They have convinced me that they are inferior and they are very much aware of it, and they can’t function in any kind of a ruling capacity because of it. Males also are unable to function without some kind of a hierarchy, and since this has been the obvious case for thousands of years, then they need to be on the bottom. They are essentially eternal children, they don’t mature, and can’t function without strict boundaries and rules.

      And I will say that if a male whips his nasty dick out in my presence, then I will address it as the threat that he intends it to be.

      Those supreme court cases always kill me,they always hide behind a girl who is insisting on using the boys private spaces as a trojan horse,of sorts, because everyone knows that girls are not a threat to boys, although, boys should be allowed to have privacy, just like girls are entitled to privacy. It’s a set up because the vast majority of spaces being invaded are female and the invaders are always penis.

      You may be correct that most males aren’t ok with troon law, but I am not so sure. If the random group of males standing around in the spa are anything to go by, then they very obviously don’t care. Not one of them said a word in defense of women, who were very clear about what their issue was.

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