8 thoughts on “Brave and Stunning (BS)

  1. When you started laughing I started cackling my ass off and my eyes are still watering….not sure if from laughing or looking at that hideous enema bag pretending he’s stunning and the “press” (ruling class mouthpiece) calls his ugly ass, “she”.

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  2. When my former husband, Neddy, who poses as a woman, started all of that, friends told me they could tell he was copying my style. What do you do when your “friend” says, “He’s the ugly version of you.” You put them on the B list. As a detransitioner I saw interviewed said, “Our bodies are not mannequins.” I no longer go into stores and try on clothing. I order from catalogues, and rarely, wearing my clothes until they’re rags. I can’t bear to think someone tried on a dress or shirt I like, and he was a guy. I’m wondering if I could start making all of my clothes?

    Idiots like Izzard dress for the stares. I always make sure to look away as soon as I recognize a synthetic sex identifier. They don’t deserve my time or brainspace.

    Meanwhile, if anyone is trying to talk a young female relative out of “transitioning,” tell her about Finasteride, the partner drug to testosterone, prescribed for “male pattern baldness.” The men who took it have a foundation, tried to get it banned, and I’m informing the malpractice law firms they need to take Merck to court. Never been tested in female bodies. In men, it’s linked to 91 suicides, sexual dysfunction & a myriad of other symptoms, which didn’t stop when the drug use was stopped. Like dementia, brain fog. You’re on that, and you’re going to “decide” to get your breasts removed? Why is anyone even looking at Eddie Izzard, much less taking those photos? Thanks, Jayne!

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    1. He was no “version of you”.

      That’s just vile.

      These particular males are so misogynist, so sexist, so fucking hateful and selfish, it’s disturbing. But i will still laugh at them, when the urge strikes me because they are stupid and women laughing at them irrationally upsets them. And that makes me laugh harder.

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