14 thoughts on “yoU cAN’t TeLL, gUIsE.

  1. Ah, I’ve finally gotten around to reminding myself and now any interested party the name of the young radfem YouTuber I mentioned here days ago. She is RunawaySiren940. Check her out if you’ve not done so before! I think that she’s great and is also a genuinely interesting person. Cheers. xx

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  2. I mean – haven’t they always, ALWAYS been using our spaces, but we never could tell cuz they so very dainty and harmless (just like all the other XYs who’ll opportunistically lurk in our spaces now!)?!?

    Anyway Jayne, I think you will find that according to Ms Curtis and her TRA ilk, keeping women’s precious HRT products prescription only & possibly mainly for us = ANNIHILATION OF THE LAYDEE-BRAINED bY fAcISm, Y’ALL!

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    1. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜†πŸ€£πŸ˜†

      Have you ever heard males tying themselves into knots over “the handmaid’s tale”? And they get upset because there’s no troon representation in the narrative?

      Of course, there’s troons in the handmaid’s tale. And when male power created gilead, the troons washed the makeup off their ugly dude faces, they took off the heels, they took off the dress and put on a male suit and got themselves a handmaid to rape.

      Just like the rest of the guys.

      I don’t know where Curtis is getting her info that male power is going to create some kind of “troon squad”, and that the troons are going to be rounded up and murdered en masse, or whatever, but surely she knows that her son just has to take off his “femininity” costume and put his boy clothes back on??? To escape the mass troon extinction???

      These people are fucking idiots.

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      1. Yes, they truly are…

        IDK who Ms Curtis imagines is wanting to “annihilate” her trog of a son! Frankly, that sounds more like one of his (or any other AGP’s) fantasies than the other way around.

        Also: I doubt that anyone in most Western societies is looking to be sent to prison for “hate speech” aka mentioning reality to horny porn addicted men in frocks. I know that you technically have “freedom of speech” in the US, but I wouldn’t want to test it against the Troon menace.

        And, yes – I’ve heard all about how marginalised they think they are for not having been included in The Handmaid’s Tale! “Jessie Gendurrr” made an execrable video about it. I saw a good deconstruction of it by a cool, young radfem whose channel name I can’t remember off the top of my head. When I do remember it, I can let you know if you like?

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      2. Women do not have constitutional protection in the states, we asked for the ERA, which would give us the same constitutional protection that males give themselves, and males said NO. So we have no “freedom of speech” protection.

        Male authority legally protects porn as freedom of speech, wherein males are doing the “speaking”, and women are the target of the male speech. That’s the only time that we are even mentioned in “freedom of speech”.

        Male power will point out that we do not have constitutional protection, as soon as it serves them. For now, it serves them to allow us to think that we have those protections, even though we do not. (I am only pointing this out for lurkers, I am not preaching to you, please know that.)

        All that being said, women are free to speak, at this time, mostly because male power is free to ignore anything that we say.

        I do know the YouTube channel that you are referring to, I think that I already follow her, she makes a lot of GC content, I can’t recall her name, either, but she presents her videos as a cartoon avatar, is that who you are speaking of? I do really like her.

        If you recall her name, please do post it. Lots of women will find her interesting.

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      3. Now there’s a sobering fact, that we in fact don’t have constitutional protections. I’m sure that will come in handy in the war against women some day. I just worry that some day might be closer than is altogether comfortable. Thanks for making that so clear Jayne, what we really lost when the ERA didn’t pass. I think most people think it was just a formality.


      1. I’ve been in the middle of moving for the last couple months so I’ve been scarce. Horrid nightmare to move but needed. Bought a little former meth lab or crack house in Winston-Salem so now I am my own slum lord, lol! My little shit-box has no mortgage and I am selling my other home—shyster bastard fuck realtors and all. My younger daughter just got her first job out here and my husband and I have been going back and forth to Raleigh area every goddamned weekend, emptying the house and moving everything into a much smaller space. The old man transferred to Winston back in January and I stayed in the other house until Dorian finished up school. Old Salem is right down the street from me, so I laugh about the Salem part all the time. I’m the Southern local 666 in the Witch’s Union.

        It’s “gentrifying” over here, so every night I walk with my daughter we pass the BLM and Black Trans Lives Matter signs and those fucking Rainbow+ flags—and my most favorite of all—those signs that say we believe love is love, blah, blah, blah…..sooooo, I am going to get a little garden gnome with a machine gun and make my own fucking sign that says: Equal Opportunity Offender and put that shit on my front lawn. I have a reputation to uphold. These bourgie twats are going to get an introduction to your favorite wicked witch, lmfao!

        I catch your e-mails in the am while drinking my coffee and you almost got me again this morning—just about spit that shit out when you started laughing. And then I was laughing with the tears and all. It’s a great way to start the day! There is another woman whose laugh I absolutely love, too, she does a channel called Divested Diamonds. Holy Mother of God, when she gets to cackling….no wonder males are afraid of us. HAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

        Those Hollywood Troon Mammies can all fuck right on off, too. Her son is in “danger”. That’s why all these people are called ACTORS. They LUV the DRAMA even when they make that shit up since they can’t get a paying gig otherwise. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

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      2. This comment went into the spam folder, lol. WordPress doesn’t approve of us witches. πŸ˜‰

        Congrats on your move and not having to pay any rent or a mortgage!!! It doesn’t matter what condition it is, or even where it is, it is YOURS. And that is priceless.

        I will look up Divested Diamonds. I love a good crone cackle. HA!

        I kind of hate actors. I low key hate the rich, all of them, they murder people with their own greed, and then blame the poorest for it. I know that you know all about that.

        I hope you and your family enjoy the new place and that you get the move completed soon. Now I have to find out if threatening garden gnomes are actually a thing, so that i can look into getting myself 1 or 12. πŸ˜€

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      3. I’ll park his ass right next to my “Equal Opportunity Offender” sign:

        I called myself an equal opportunity offender when I was talking to my lawyer during my witch trial. The neighbor who was racist and sexist….but he’s a poor black man…..scamming social security….and he can do and say whatever he wants…… bc he was the “victim” of my offender ass. “Suck my dick, cracker bitch” is not oppressive to white women because it’s coming from a BLACK male. I should have remembered that while I was laughing at him. I should have remembered not to cackle at the donut eating fascists, too. I sometimes just simply cannot help myself. I cackle at stupid all the time. So I love hearing solidarity cackling.

        Where I live in Winston, I am one block from the drug dealers and addicts that hang out at the bottom of the hill and the block directly behind me has 525K+ houses on it. A true statement of what this country really is. Dealing with real estate criminals has momentarily directed my attention to the power over all of us about things as simple as just WHO IS IT that determines the value of your own home and HOW do they do this? And why people can’t escape being robbed constantly by white collar criminals picking over our bones. (Oh, but the rulers only devalue black neighborhoods, how could I forget it’s not everyone in POOR neighborhoods—I need to remember woke propaganda better—-my memory is slipping because I am OLD.) And how our mortgage/debt slavery is imposed upon us and that WE pay all the maintenance expenses for the bank for 30 years plus 3x the cost in interest on property we don’t own until that last check. They pay zero expenses—interesting business practice, isn’t it? Then play a role in devaluing your property to sell it to another group of criminals who will rent/sell it for big $$$$. But I try to remember how free I am during my “thinking”.

        I was convicted for making light-up eyeballs (one of my many 1st amendment imaginary rights–but who cares, right?) ridiculing my frog faced neighbor. So, the philosophical question of the day:

        If a witch plasters her witch shack in eyeballs in the spooky forest, and there are no cops to laugh at when a frog’s lips quiver and they can’t seize the opportunity to harass and convict her for it, is it still against the law? If a new witch moves into the old witch’s shack and she decorates her house in hand painted eyeball lights is it still against the law? Sort of makes you want to CACKLE, doesn’t it? I’ll be testing that out next year when I decorate my former meth lab/crack house shack. I’ll put my money on it being magically legal since I live in a frog free environment. There is a law review called Frog Eyes and Pig Butts if you really want a laugh. That blibbering and meandering legal work takes several pages to scratch its own balls about HOW we were ever convicted—even though we broke no laws AND supposedly have “RIGHTS”, lmfao. EVEN when they maintained the claim that we were racists! (Cracker is not a racist word…..but calling an ugly male a frog is…..)It never occurs to these religious zealots (statism is a form of religious idiocy) that their sophistry is proven by my philosophical questions and that the LAW is nothing but a tool of oppression for the ruling class. And people wonder how the TWANNIES can do what they do with the corporate state backing them? Woke is a ruling class tool for economic and violent coercion. And these halfwits wonder why witches laugh at them? HAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

        I laughed out loud about real estate law protecting “protected classes” minus the part about how it is CLASS that is discriminated against. There is no CLASS protection. And like most in the “protected class” could afford a lawsuit? More laughing. But even my witchy ju-ju doesn’t seem to break the spell of stupid everywhere. The spell of Muh RIGHTS still persists. So, sometimes you just gotta cackle.

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