CVS, Walgreens exerting patriarchal government ownership/enslavement of women and girls.

Here in the states, Walgreens and CVS are gleefully terrorizing women and girls who have obtained a prescription from their doctor.

Pharmacists are scrutinizing each woman and girl who attempts to fill a prescription, in a gleeful show of domination, and their respective male owned companies are encouraging this particular sexism, misogyny, and terrorism…

The companies have policies allowing their pharmacists to use professional discretion to deny medication to people they suspect are attempting to circumvent state laws restricting abortion, USA Today reported.

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So women and girls no longer have a right to privacy in their private medical decisions made between themselves and their doctors.

Pharmacists are enjoying the protected legal right to question women and girls about their medical conditions, the prescriptions prescribed by their doctor, and to call into question the medical treatment that doctors are providing to girls and women.

Since the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization ruling, patients in states that have enacted abortion bans have reported that pharmacies have denied them necessary medications that could be used to induce a miscarriage even though they’re not pregnant.

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The pharmacists are attempting to hide behind the I AM SKEERED defense, claiming that if they just fill the prescription that the doctor ordered, that they are somehow responsible for the medical treatment ordered by the doctors.

Does anyone believe this???

The pharmacy is responsible to fill the prescription given by the doctor, the DOCTOR IS THE RESPONSIBLE PARTY. Pharmacists that terrorize women and girls over a prescription is just plain sexism and misogyny.

It’s that fucking simple.

The only mention that this is terrorism enacted onto women and girls specifically is a 14 year old GIRL, who was denied medication for her osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis, that she has been taking for quite some time.

The rest of the article presents this as male media always does, with talk of “pregnant PEOPLE” and “PEOPLE who may be pregnant”, and the generic term, “patients’.

This is MALE MEDIA protecting MALE LAW that enacts sex based terrorism onto specifically and ONLY WOMEN AND GIRLS.

Have any males been subjected to this disgusting scrutiny???


CVS requires its pharmacists to confirm a medication will not be used to terminate a pregnancy before it will fill a drug, said Mike DeAngelis, executive director for corporate communications at the company.

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Walgreens, meanwhile, allows pharmacists to use their discretion “when determining the legality of a prescription based on state law,” said Fraser Engerman, a spokesperson for Walgreens Boots Alliance, which owns the pharmacy chain.

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Both of the nation’s largest pharmacies had policies in place before the Dobb decision allowing pharmacists to deny customers birth control if it conflicted with their religious beliefs.

The policy includes prescriptions for birth control pills and other medication like Plan B, as well as the sale of condoms. (Plan B is an oral emergency contraceptive that can be taken up to five days after unprotected sex to reduce the risk of pregnancy.)

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The statement directly above gives away the game.

What are the odds that a male would ever be denied the purchase of condoms? That’s just fucking laughable.

Even your neighborhood pharmacist is enabled to preemptively punish women for participating in sexual activities with males, so long as his GAWD tells him to do it.

Federal officials in July warned pharmacists to comply with federal civil rights laws in decisions they make when dispensing medication.

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Sure they did.

The guidance from the Department of Health and Human Services says pharmacies may not discriminate against customers “with regard to supplying medications; making determinations regarding the suitability of a prescribed medication for a patient; or advising patients about medications and how to take them.”

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…unless the pharmacist is a woman hating fucktard. Then he can insert himself into the medical matters of women and girls just because he wants to, and just because he can.

And his employer will protect him and his government will allow it.

But we are all so EQUAL, Y’ALL.

Women’s Liberation.



One thought on “CVS, Walgreens exerting patriarchal government ownership/enslavement of women and girls.

  1. Here in Australia we have a legal loophole for pharmacists and pharmacy employees who claim to be skeered of their particular God or God’s. I found out all about that in the middle of my final year of high school – just before “Swotvac” aka the eight weeks of preparation before public examinations began. I had some mealy mouthed creep of a Catholic refuse to fill my prescription for the contraceptive pill, despite the fact that I’d been prescribed it for acne and it was accompanied by a commensurate prescription of the small dose of antibiotics it’s generally teamed with for such a purpose. It wasn’t the end of the world because it was easy for me to find another pharmacy but OMG did it infuriate me. Bit like my current feeling having just read about this.



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