The Manliest Holiday in the states is here, again.

Almost every year, I write something about Thanksgiving and how I fucking hate it. I hate the additional labor put onto women and girls, the celebration of a male that committed a complete genocide of an entire race of people, who also kept a stash of little girls for himself and his boyfriends to rape or sell to other males to rape, everything about this fucking holiday fucks me right off.

This may be the only instance of something where I have actually said it all, so I am linking to my older posts, all are very short, with links to the heinous attributes of this fucking holiday.

The first one, the second one, the third one and the last one. (These may not be in chronological order, apologies).

My offer still stands, although the circumstances may have changed, a bit. All of my sisters are invited to my house for pie and tea, and as an additional bonus, you will even be invited to pet a duck…

…she is truly an irresistible Duck.

My wish and hope is that you can all steal as much joy, peace, and rest for yourself, as you can, always, but especially at this time of year, where demands on us are even more than usual.

Tell us about your holidays. Do you love them? Do you hate them? How are you spending them?


7 thoughts on “The Manliest Holiday in the states is here, again.

  1. I just put a relevant cartoon on my blog. I would have put it here as a comment, but wordpress doesn’t allow that.

    I’ve never liked Thanksgiving. Even as a kid, I could see how the women worked like crazy, while the men sat on their butts. And I never cared for turkey anyway.

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  2. It’s amusing to me to have one day a year to be thankful. And the history behind the day? The prelude to wide scale slaughter of indigenous peoples which is also the theft of multiple existing cultures. Yay capitalism pinned securely in place on the backs of women and anyone one else this economic system can keep shoved down with their faces into the ground! No Thank You. I don’t celebrate and no longer explain why. I just decline to participate.

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  3. Thank you for bringing some clarity to the reality of Thanksgiving. I read all of your posts about it. The additional labor is no joke.
    For the past few years, I’ve been doing Friendsgiving with a group of friends and it is women centered if not yet fully women only. We split up different parts of the meal. It was a revelation the first year how stress free the entire thing is when you aren’t cooking and cleaning for two full days beforehand as you point out.

    Reading your posts I tried to imagine what holidays must be like for men. I honestly couldn’t do it. No cooking, no shopping and planning beforehand etc. Just show up, eat and be entertained? It seems almost unnatural that’s how foreign it felt when I tried to envision it.
    Of course all sisters are invited here too. This year you’d get Pumpkin Pie from fresh pumpkin, Cranberry Apple Pie, Sausage Stuffing with Pecans, Green Beans Almondine and Homemade Cranberry Sauce since that’s my part of the menu. I’m thinking of throwing together a hot spinach dip too but that’s on the maybe list.
    No kidding, does anyone else have trouble imagining actually being a man during a holiday? I truly can’t do it!

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  4. I f’n hate turkey. With a capital F. So, I either make chickens or will do a lasagna like my Nan, who also hated turkey. I ask for requests from my daughters about favorite foods that I will make for THEM. Potato soup and pea casserole and a sweet potato/apple/cranberry bake with oatmeal topping—and a pumpkin dump cake are usually on the menu. Yeah, it’s mostly me making the food for now, still, but I give my daughters the day off.

    I have completely done away with the propagandized holiday bullshit and have declared it BIRTHDAY day for everyone. My older daughter lives in Charlottesville, so I don’t see her for her birthday and there’s not really anyone here for my little Madam’s birthday—so I take cake orders and put the candles on it. We do everyone’s celebration at once while we are all here.

    Christmas I do the Italian celebration—take orders for some of that, too. And I am Santa and the event arranger. I loved being Santa, except for having to wrap everything alone—and when my daughters are here I give them arts/crafts/puzzles as gifts so they can decompress and mentally escape for a little while. I even saved some of the math toys and building games from when they were little so they can still play with them. My older daughter is 26, lol!

    If you are ever inclined to come up, you can stop by my former crack house/meth lab that I live in for tea and cake/pie, too. I rather like Winston-Salem—it’s interesting here. Far better than the Raleigh area. My block is the line between the crackheads a block away and the 575K homes on the block behind me. There is a little park right across the street from those $$$ homes with a homeless person taking up a homestead in the gazebo and then you see the new Tranny/rainbow woke whatever the fuck flag at a house right the park on an older home. It’s such a statement to the bullshit of anti-racism/trannyism/wokism in one small area. Thanksgiving and fucking all.

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      1. I have never made apple crisp and I should probably try one. I loved those as a kid.

        The one I make doesn’t really have savory notes, but I’ll give you the recipe :

        1 1/2 cps brown sugar, divided
        2 tsp cinnamon, divided
        pinch salt
        5 cups 1/4 in. size diced sweet potatoes (2 lg)
        5 C chopped Granny Smith apples (3)
        1 C sweetened dried cranberries
        1/4 C butter cut in 1/2in pieces
        1 C quick cook oats
        1/4 C all purpose flour
        1/2 C melted butter
        + broken pecans for topping

        400 degree oven

        whisk 1/2 C br sugar, 1 tsp cinnamon and salt. Stir in sweet potatoes, apples and cranberries to coat. Pour into 13 x 9 prepared (I spray mine) baking dish and dot with butter pieces.

        whisk oats, flour and 1 C brown sugar and 1 tsp cinnamon. Stir in melted butter and sprinkle onto casserole. I add broken pecans to top as well. Cover w/foil and bake 45 min. Uncover and bake for 30 min. more. Allow to stand 15 minutes before serving.

        And sorry this took so long—I didn’t go into me e-mails much over the holiday.



  5. These are a clear-sighted writings, as always, sis.

    And, the info I have may not be complete, but in Canada, in the recent past, the western dudes had suddenly felt pity on the indigenous people and they seemed to have created some “special laws” or something for the “First Nations” aka (aka indegenous/native folks). Something like, they can be exempted from the common law that the rest of the country will have to obey. The FNs can make their own rules. This was done by the dudes in an effort to compensate for the past genocide. The original red indians were a mix of numerous clans. And each clan had their own culture & social setup. While some/many of them were typical misogynistic ones, quite a few of them were matriarchal – in the sense, women had control over their own property, and kept their earnings themselves, and the children followed the mother’s line:

    Now, the western dudes who destroyed them suddenly felt pangs of “remorse”, and have decided to allow them to rule themselves. But but but.. I don’t see any FirstNation group where women’s status is atleast on par with the current western women’s status (which is already low), forget about the status they held before European dudes came in and wrecked havoc. Women in FN have no property rights now, I believe – and in general, they are as good as 15th century European women. So, sommmmehow, when western dudes resurrected the FNs (or pretended to, atleast), they came back as fully misogynistic, and not at all like the original tribes. Magical, isn’t it? (not!)

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